Levine Lawrence

Stuck inside an air-conditioned cubicle... i yearn to ride into the countryside... under the open blue skies, where farmers toil in the field, smell mitti ki khushboo, fill more greenery into the picture... travel across the world, meet more people, bring smile on faces... and finally, work for world peace. Just like those Miss World statements! I am a veteran media professional with 12 years of diverse experience in business media and research in India. Apart from my full time job as a researcher, I have been an avid travel photo-journalist, who has covered the art & cultural aspects of South India. Further, I am actively involved in the voluntary organisations working on energy efficiency, organic farming and environmental issues.

Heat Wave and Global Warming – It’s time to turn the tide

Do you wonder if there is any connection to the heat wave and global warming, the western disturbance and the El Nino effect, which is harming our monsoon?

Ishani Sawant – A Young Mountaineer

Ishani Sawant is already a veteran rock climber and mountaineer at a young age of 23, since she began her first at a tender age of 13 years!

Shweta Bhattad buries herself for farmers’ cause

Under the Farmers Haat banner, Shweta Bhattad performed this daring act of being buried in a coffin to highlight the dire situation faced by Indian farmers

Ralegan Siddhi – An Utopian Model Village

If this cooperative governance has created a model village of Ralegan Siddhi, making it a tourist attraction, then there is something in it for us to understand

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Attempts to Bring Back NRIs

After years of apathy, the government has acknowledged the problems faced by NRIs during Pravasi Bharatiya Divas by amending the Indian Citizenship Act.

Chitra Santhe Showcases Affordable Visual Art

Chitra santhe Art For All not only features prominent artists from across India, but also provides a platform for amateurs to showcase their visual artworks

Kisan Expo Shows Agriculture is Big Business

Interesting ideas are being implemented in the Indian agricultural sector, which seriously lacks innovation! Kisan Expo displayed some of these unique innovations.

Hiking Around for Heritage – Royal Mysore Walks

Royal Mysore Walks take offbeat travellers on a guided tour of interesting spots in and around Mysore, either on foot, on jeep or on a cycle.

Regional Champions in Indian Sports [Infographic]

India is now performing like a powerhouse in various sports today, but it is interesting to note a few states are regional champions in Indian sports...

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