Mamta Naidu

I’m a Hyderabadi living in Bangalore. An IT professional and when I’m not doing IT stuff you’ll find me spending most of my time around horses and snakes with a camera dangling around my neck. A wildlife enthusiast, kicked about anything that has to do with conservation, wildlife or otherwise. I also love to trek and travel the world. Mighty and addictive Himalayas is my favorite place in the world. I capture my experiences and express my feelings through photography and writing.

Tips for Eco-friendly Living for a Guilt Free Life

Today, on the eve of Earth Day, let’s pledge to make a difference in our lifestyle to build a better planet. I am sharing my tips for eco-friendly living.

Annapurna Circuit before the Avalanche

The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal was one of the most difficult yet most beautiful trekking trails I have hiked. Being an offbeat traveller, I had to take up this challenging trek.

Kuveshi – A small village with big lessons

This is the story of many little villages in India. Through their modest way of life, the villagers of Kuveshi have a lot to offer to modern civilization...

How to coexist with snakes

Finally, if you leave your prejudices behind and look at snakes, you’ll see snakes are pretty creatures too. You’ll find them in interesting sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Snakes in India – Angels in disguise

Snakes in India - The portrayal of snakes in Indian mythologies, fairy tales has fed our misunderstanding. Snakes are a vital part of our ecosystem. They are indeed angels in disguise!

The Scent of a Horse!

Horses can be great teachers of tolerance, obedience, hard work, and friendship among other things. Horse riding to me has been very therapeutic and my life would have been incomplete without these magnificent, mystical, life-altering creatures.

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