Monica Levine

Admiring nature's beauty is my passion & willing to travel is my hobby. Being nostalgic about the golden memories once shared and wish to create many more such memories in the coming future. Forefather’s from Tamilnadu, born in Karnataka, brought up in Maharashtra & living in Andhrapradesh. Knowing, sharing and learning different cultures of different states had been a wonderful journey all together. My portfolio has a diverse experience ranging from Market Research, Client Servicing to Event Organizing. Personal experience & professional career has given a bumpy ride towards life and it has made things simpler and has also refined itself, to make a meaningful living. Want to share my experiences through writing and would want to contribute to Mother Nature by sharing & writing Eco articles.

Venture out on Vegan Meals!

Veganism is becoming a much talked about food concept that is rising in trend, which was first adopted by environmentalists and animal rights activists. But when I first came across this concept I wondered while avoiding meat to an extent was surely possible.

Unravelling the Mystery of Udvada!

Many of us don’t remember much about the places we lived during our early childhood and if our parents are nostalgic about their memories in such places, we are unlikely to show much interest. One such destination I had often heard from my parents was Udvada in Gujarat. It was in Udvada way back in the 1970s, where my mom & dad stayed immediately after their marriage, where my dad began his career and my early childhood. It was their dream to visit this place once before they die and we children decided to make it happen.

Fascinating collection of eco-friendly products

Green living, organic lifestyle, eco-friendly, environmental degradation, these words were quite unfamiliar to me until I met my environmentalist better half! He never misses a chance to gift an eco-friendly product to friends & relatives to create awareness about them.

Finjaan Tea – A Royal Tea Treat

Have you ever enjoyed drinking tea in a royal way? Did you ever know that there are 36 varieties of tea? As a tea drinker, I have always relished all kinds of tea

Stir up a passion for cooking!

Have you been watching the numerous food and cookery shows on TV... Watching Aditya Bal or Vicky Ratnani stir up a dish on NDTV Good Times is always fun. It’s also fun watching renowned cooks Kylie Kwong and Nigella Lawson on TLC Channel.

Glorious journey through Western Ghats

Traveling by train has been always a pleasure, where we can leisurely spend time relishing the changing landscape disconnected from all our work.

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