Nayana Bhat

Nayana Bhat is a dancer, choreographer and journalist. Born and brought in the coastal town of Udupi, Nayana currently lives in Salzburg, engaging in her interests of creation and expression. When not dancing, Nayana likes to observe bodies and people, the stories they carry and write about them. By spirit, she belongs to the wilderness and spends a lot of her time in the nature. When she is not doing any of these activities, she prefers laughing her head off in happy humour.

Dancing for Pleasure – Part II

In the course of my research, I had to redefine my definitions several times of what dancing meant, what the purpose of performing art was according to me. And yet, I do not stand on a steady ground today; the definition of what art serves or means is ever-changing as it always has.!

Dancing for Pleasure?

“Is entertainment the primary purpose of dance? These questions spurred me to begin my search for a “real” transition from classical to contemporary. The story of every classical-converted-to-contemporary dancer in India, I believe!

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