Neeraja Sundar

As a lover of literature who is passionate about books, writing is my forte. I am a Chennai girl who loves sketching and music. Armed with the pen, I am ready to leap into the world of creativity.

The Chronicles of an Old Indian Postman

A postman, delivering all kinds of messages, had found a significant place in the lives of people back then. But with time, he too faded into oblivion.

Enchanting Tamil Nadu: of Temples, Art and Diverse Landscape

Tamil Nadu for me is the land of the malli poo (jasmine), pavadai-dhavani (half-saree with skirt) and idli-sambar. Dindugal pootu (locks), Sivakasi pattasu (crackers), Chettinad kara kozhambu (spicy gravy), Madurai malli and Kumbakonam degree coffee are some of the other things that are famous.

Tempering Idealism Against Realism

Understanding idealism and realism is important. There is more than just a fine line dividing them.

Famous Short Story Writers – Part 2

The most famous short story writers who present the crux of life in a delightful manner just within a few pages.

Famous Short Story Writers of India – Part 1

Book reading habit has faded away in today's world. These Indian short story writers can help you to revive your lost habit with their gripping stories

Sanskrit Language – Dead or Alive?

Sanskrit is considered as the mother of all languages, and the language of Gods. But with people's interest constantly declining, where does it stand now?

Memoirs of a Jackfruit

A chapter from the life of Jackfruit, a native of our country. Thanks to JackFruit365, lovers of the seasonal fruit can now buy freeze-dried jackfruit and a variety of dishes...

India’s Streetside Coffee and Tea Culture

Be it a metro city or a small town, there are little streetside coffee and tea shops in nearly every street across India, and a couple of regular drinkers.

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