Neha Somani

I am a qualified Psychologist and Counsellor. Writing is my first love and Psychology, a passion. I am an ardent contributor to a noted publication in Nasik and conduct training workshops for many corporates. My short story 'Will you cross the skies for me' was appreciated by the publishing panel and selected to be part of an Anthology called Fusion: a mingled flavour mocktail. I am also actively involved in a number of community development projects under the banner of the Aga Khan Development Network and firmly believe in the adage that 'Service it the rent we pay for our room on earth.'

Understanding Your Child’s Human Potential

Each type of human potential within an individual are like sensory organs. If youngsters choose a career matching their human potential, they will excel...

Touching Lives – Sonia Mackwani

Sonia Mackwani is one such person who believes she can change the world by touching lives. She only had a vision but no team, but the universe helped her.

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