Pooja Wanpal

Pooja Wanpal considers reading books the sole aim of her life. In addition to writing, she gives unsolicited advice to people and tries indefatigably to avoid her textbooks. She is the author of the novel, 'Love and Lokpal' and has also contributed to various anthologies, and can be reached at [email protected]

Ashwin Sanghi – India’s Dan Brown?

Bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi has everything it takes to be India's Dan Brown. Read more.

Films that Stir Our Hearts at Pune International Film Festival

Here are some of the films that stir our hearts at one of the most celebrated festivals in Pune , Pune International Film Festival (PIFF)

Can Cartoons be Weapons of Political Activism?

While political cartoons have always been indices of public opinion, they also have served as weapons of political activism.

Top Seven Banned Books in India

Banned books in India - Book censorship is not a new phenomenon – books have been banned for centuries. In a multicultural country like India, it is difficult to maintain stability

Revolution 2020 or Desperation 2020?

Revolution 2020 narrates the tale of three friends – Gopal, Aarti, and Raghav, who predictably form a love triangle. The language of the novel is similar to a Bollywood potboiler, with awkward hindi phrases and stilted english sentences

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