Dream, Desire, Deserve.....Wish to reach the stars but if I reach not atleast, I will fly. .... Waves are my inspiration – they fall yet they rise! Destined to spell a magic to naturalize the world green! Travelling, exploring nature and culture are my passions. Want to dive deep into the sea and fly high in the skies but all confined to my world of imaginations. At present, I am a Student of Environmental Engineering and Management at Pondicherry University. I have put my tenderfoot towards writing. Wish to serve nature and create a better sustainable earth for future generation through the power of pen! Destined to my journey for making cleaner and safer Environment. Go to Priyadharshini B's personal site...

Nualgi – a saviour for sewage water?

Nualgi Nano Silica is one such technology developed by Indian innovators to feed diatoms. Diatoms are a type of single cell algae (phytoplankton), which live in all types of natural water bodies. Diatoms use sunlight to produce food through photosynthesis and they become food for other zooplanktons, which in turn are food for fishes. When this cycle is completed, the oxygen level in the water rises and the water body becomes healthy for all living beings.

Move Away from Hazardous Holi

Fortunately, some voluntary organisations have endeavoured to build awareness about toxic Holi colours. However, when there are no alternatives, people did not have any choice but to use synthetic colours. Thankfully, in the last few years, various institutions have made serious efforts to provide eco-friendly natural Holi colours that can be easily used as powder and paste.

Recycled Paper or Plastic? [Infographic]

Our in-house environmental expert, Priyadharshini poses the million dollar question - should we recycle paper or plastic? She also suggests a better alternative for both!

Hand in Hand Mahabalipuram – Tourist Trash Turns into Cash

I happened to visit Mahabalipuram recently and was fascinated not only by the architectural beauty but also by the good work done in waste management generated by tourist activities. The solid waste management practice done here is commendable work that should be replicated by other towns.

Petrol from Plastic waste?

We human beings are literally beginning to choke on our own plastic consumption. Plastic polymers are used in food wrapping, baby bottles, beverage containers, food containers, shopping bags, children’s toys, house

Odanthurai Powers Ahead with Entrepreneurial Zeal

Global warming, depleting natural resources, increasing carbon emissions, soil and water pollution; these are some of the issues that have become a major concern for countries across the world.

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