Priyanka Desai

Born in Mumbai, brought up in Ahmedabad and now back to Mumbai life has been a roller coaster ride. A mass media student who loves to explore places and study people, nothing gets me more relaxed than a hot cup of coffee and a good book as my companion!!!!

Maharashtra – End of Marathi Regionalism? [Infographic]

Leave aside political unity, the sub-regions of Maharashtra do not have homogeneity in terms of language, food cuisine, clothing, etc. This large state can be sub-divided into five divisions, each having their own unique cultural identity. Here is a brief description of the major sub-regions in Maharashtra:

Youth Power Can Transform the Nation

The need of the hour is that more such educated young people with broader perspective and definite line of action should take leadership among political parties, since it is their zealous approach and determination which is likely to bear success.

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