Rashida Arsiwala

Rashida Arsiwala is a contributing writer for Caleidoscope. She claims to be a Grammar Nazi who cannot stand bad usage of English. Currently, Rashida is a Senior Writer at Singapore Island Country Club.

The Enigma of Enid Blyton

“Fancy you asking me that!” Now, for any die-hard Enid Blyton fan, this phrase shouldn’t be hard to identify with. It is one she often used in her hugely popular Famous Five series. What was it about this writer that was so unique? Born in East Dulwich, London, England in 1897, Enid Blyton was born in a middle class home and lived a regular life.

Timeless Jewel – Queen’s Necklace Mumbai

From the richest to the poorest, oldest to youngest, everyone identifies with this miracle of Mumbai – the Queen’s Necklace Mumbai. Marine Drive is called the Queen’s Necklace, because its aerial view at night, owing to all the sparkling lights of the city that never sleeps, gives it the effect of a dazzling jewel.

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