Rashmi Raj

An avid reader, a writer and a painter disguised as a mother and a lawyer-that’s Rashmi in a nutshell. Born and brought up in the vibrant city of Mumbai she inherited the ever ambitious and eternally optimistic spirit of the vivacious city. Belonging to today’s modern world and yet deeply rooted in Indian culture and traditions, she grew up on a steady diet of books, songs, movies and family get-togethers. She believes that life is what we make of it and we should be able to take everything that comes our way with a smile on our face and gratitude in our hearts.

Happiness is a Good Book and a Hot Cup of Coffee!

Books are our best friends in the quest for knowledge and our loyal companions in the journey of life. They take us places when we are stuck in the rut and help us expand our imagination.

The Magical Era of Doordarshan Serials – Part 2

The TV serials telecast on Doordarshan during the 1980s had such a universal appeal that we are still nostalgic about them. here is a list of TV shows from the golden era of DD National:

The Magical era of Doordarshan Serials Part 1

Doordarshan is the mother of all television channels in India, which still clings onto its legacy role as a public broadcaster. Particularly, DD National was the only channel available to the masses before the advent of cable TV in India in 1991. DD TV shows of that era had a universal appeal.

Memories of A Simpler Childhood

Proud to be of a generation that made simple films like Mr. India, which impress children even today when they are exposed to all sorts of super-hero flicks. I was proud to belong to the generation that knew the simple joys of being children, to be born at the time when Google was not an answer to all the questions in the world!

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