Sana Pujani

Sana Pujani alias Sneha Pujani - Introvert by heart and extrovert by choice, I live in more than couple of worlds at a time. This makes life interesting to say the least. When I see something, I spin tales round it and when there is a remotely solid story, I take to the modern quill and parchment and bring you a world as see it. With me, you can explore the devil in an angel’s eyes and explore the heaven’s wild side. Perusing a dual degree course in Mumbai, I am an aspiring writer bidding my time!

Kala Ghoda Fest 2016 – It’s Talent Under One Roof

Kala Ghoda Fest - One of the largest cultural art fest has begun. And here is what you should not miss. Read more.

Sula Vineyard–Of wine, cheese and good music

Well, for a country where wine consumption 1/8000th of France, this seems to be about right. That doesn’t mean there is no wine culture here.

Top 10 Indian Food Bloggers – Divas with Delicious Dishes

Anushruti RK The joy of cooking is exhilarating! To create delicious, mouthwatering food on your own is a feeling like no other. Yes, the rotis may resemble maps of...

A different Muslim Community: Khoja Muslims

Khoja Muslims - A unique Muslim community that believes in education, humanity and living in peace.

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