Aanchal Setia

I believe that life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how many challenges it throws along the way and on this continuous unavoidable quest to find myself I seek solace from writing.I never thought that writing small diary entries of my daily life will someday turn into a strong desire to write about the world's reality.Writing is fun while psychology is my passion. I am soon going to be a first year psychology student and I believe understanding people by learning psychology will only make me write with more depth than ever before.

5 Best NGO Volunteering Opportunities in India

For your summer vacation, we have created a list of five best NGOs in India where you can find NGO volunteering opportunities to create an impact on our society

Delhi’s Music – The Soul’s Companion

Delhi's Music - Delhi boasts of a rich tradition of music from the time of the Mughals to the modern day hip hop and rock and so it is perfect for music connoisseurs

Delhi Culture: A Mix of Contemporary and Rich Traditions

Delhi brings together the culture and traditions of its diverse people because of which one can find everything from street markets to malls, musical maestros to rock music, traditional festivals to a modern celebration of life.

Places You Must Explore in Delhi on a Shoestring Budget

Delhi, the capital city of India also know as Dilwalon ki Dilli has a rich cultural heritage that blends naturally with the modern world. Delhi is a place which...

Delhi: Fine Arts for Art Lovers

There is a lot Delhi has to offer when it comes to fine arts and so here is a look at Delhi's history and what it offers the art lover.

Experiencing the Sounds of Silence

Working with Sounds of Silence was special adventure for me! SOS gave us volunteers a chance to help the hearing impaired connect to the world

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