Shabia Fazal

Born in Kashmir, brought up in Delhi and currently residing in Chennai. My journey from north to south is not less exciting than a book. An encounter with new cultures had a major influence in shaping my personality. I’m doing my Masters (English) from University of Madras. My interest in different cultures has helped me in gaining friendships of every possible individual around.

Does Bollywood Reflect Indian Society?

Why is it that movies these days fetch box office numbers rather than focus on problems in the society? The popular movies support objectification and corrupt the mind and body, no matter whether it is of a man or a woman.

Bangles and Jeans – Indian Fashion Fusion

Like many other things, Indian fashion is also quite unique. With the Bangles and Jeans in Vogue, the fusion trends in the country are widely embraced.

Urdu- The Decline of Romantic Language

Urdu, a language that taught sophisticated expression of love to millions of people, is fast fading away. What can be done to preserve it?

Burka Avenger – Female Oppression or Empowerment?

The Burka Avenger can’t fly, but her modified burka helps her to glide. This Pakistani TV series has raised questions: is this clothing a state of oppression?

Kashmir – Paradise Lost or Regained!

Kashmiri culture has a mixture of influences from Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism. So Kashmir is truly “the paradise”, a blend of all cultures

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