Sreesvarna B

An Agriculture Engineering Student, Music student where my medium of learning carnatic music are my violins and a patient guru...Camps, Concerts, Exhibitions, Debates and Extempore competitions- have been all there at different times and ready to pack my bag for the next adventure. Got the interest to jot down my experiences thanks to my sister, English teacher in class 10, my parents and my dear friends.

Can Carnatic Music Become Contemporary?

After all of this the question remains, can Carnatic Music ever become contemporary???

Can Mandatory Sex Education Ensure Child Safety?

Parents need to realise that mandatory sex education given to children at an early age will help prevent sexual abuse and keep them safe from predators.

Behind the Sweat of a NCC Cadet

The word ‘NCC’ brings a strange sense of courage, discipline and pride among many of us. We look up to those NCC cadets who are a part of NCC and admire them

Margazhi – The Season of Melodies

Margazhi music season – A carnival of Carnatic classical music is back in a bigger form with the help of media and music institutes.

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