Subhajyoti chakraborty

A wanderer by heart and an IT Specialist by earthly disordered choice! Most of his childhood was spent hearkening tales from his grandparents and collecting postcards of all commercialized hill stations, with the wish of visiting those places once in the lifetime, however not as a tourist! An ardent traveler and a passionate moto-blogger who packs his saddle and takes “Hooligan”, his Royal Enfield Thunderbird out to taste the muddy trails and explore the unexplored. He was bitten by this bug of motorcycle touring some 6 years back and since then the road has been his second home.East to West ... South to North, he considers himself fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the mystic and Incredible India and remains hungry to explore many more unknown lands and meet the most colorful people on the trails.

The Tale of Seven Sisters… Part II

As expected, Guwahati welcomed me with unusual torrents. Although a stranger to the city, I never felt like one. The state capital’s language, culture, mannerisms, food, et-al., among many other things were strikingly similar to things in West Bengal.

The Tale of Seven Sisters and a Motorcyclist

"A Solo thumping Soul" - I had nothing to prove to anybody. No regrets on what might have happened on any of my past rides. No hard feelings for anybody. No emotional slings or any promotional blabber! All I wanted was "THE RIDE".

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