Trisha De Niyogi

A publisher and an avid reader by the day and a fortune cookie writer by the night, she is also a Bharatnatyam dancer with a flair for photography. Filled with boisterous energy & an ardent desire to bring change, her professional interests focuses on the ‘education sector’ & the ‘cultural heritage of India’, wherein she aims to bring about a social reform and contribute in policy making. But, her personal interests tend heavily towards travelling, adventure sports, and anything challenging and novel in nature. Writing forms an important part in all her work as well as her aspirations.

Explore the Great Houses of Calcutta

The Calcutta of old is not the Kolkata of today but the majestic Calcutta houses of yesteryears bring back cherished memories for many.

Architecture & Places to See in Delhi

Architecture & Places to see in Delhi - The streets of Delhi are not mere streets; They are like the album of a painter" - Mir Taqi Mir

A Peek into Dilwalon ki Dilli (Delhi)

Dilli has been on many people’s travel destination lists ever since they read about it in their history books. And, why not? The capital city is filled with medieval monuments, archaeological sites museums and remains. Find out more.

AoL’s World Cultural Festival: Was it really worth it?

Despite all the controversies, Art of Living’s World Cultural Festival, was celebrated to showcase the diversity of the Indian culture as well as world culture

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