Udita Purkayastha

One word I use to describe myself is ‘active’. I like to be involved; hate standing on the sidelines or hearing secondhand gossip. I have participated in debating, dramatics, Western music and tried my hand at sketching too. I am a Jane of all trades and, I believe, mistress of quite a few of them. A Post-graduate in English Literature, I am interested in folk arts, cultural studies and gender studies. My ‘favourite author’ keeps changing frequently as I simply can’t choose from the long list of amazing authors. I write to vent, to amuse myself and because the spoken word always leaves something more to be said.

Cracker-free Diwali possible?

Crackerless Diwali - BOOM! I jumped in shock. Before I could turn around to see where the explosion had taken place I heard giggles. A group of three children aged eight to twelve were standing outside the gate of a house with candles and boxes of fire-crackers.

DU Food Haunts – A foodie’s paradise!

DU Food Haunts – It becomes necessary to highlight the non-academic aspects of Delhi University. DU is not just about sky-high marks and lectures in derelict buildings; it is also a foodie’s paradise.

Delhi University Food Haunts – Gastronomic Excellence!

Whether you are a student, an alumnus or a visitor, one thing is certain – when in Delhi University, academic excellence goes hand in hand with gastronomic pleasure!

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