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All the bonds of life are related by blood, but one bond which is the purest and the most beautiful is bonded by heart and trust. It is none other than with your life partner. And a husband always completes his wife the way she does him. And on his special day, the words come directly from the heart and gets engraved in the soul. Down below you will find a list of some heart winning birthday wishes for your husband. 

If you want you can also create a happy birthday video for your husband including these wishes which are listed below –

1. Dear husband you completed my life with love and companionship. So on your special day this wish comes directly from my heart, may your days be full of love sunshine, and your nights a soft sparkling with the spread of the joyous stars of our marriage. Wishing my man a very happy birthday.

birthday quotes for husband 1

2. Sometimes i fail to express my love to you but on this day here is a heart full of love, a soul full of warmth and affection and my arms always ready to wrap you with memories. A very happy birthday my darling.

birthday quotes for husband 2

3. My darling honey you are not just the man of my life but also the hero of my dreams, and unknowingly you have filled my heart fully. So on your special day just to say i love you till the moon, and a very happy birthday.

birthday quotes for husband 3

4. The world may think you to be a tough man, but the inner child within is only preserved for me. So just to let you know this soft side of yours is safe with me and on your birthday you are just loved and wished abundance of happiness.

birthday quotes for husband 4

5. Like the planets revolve around the warmth of the sun, we all revolve around you as you are the sun of our lives. So dear hubby a wish from the heart that you have a wonderful year ahead. Love you more today.

birthday quotes for husband 5

6. My darling husband on your special day here is a wish which comes directly from my heart to touch your soul. You are the rose of my garden of the heart, and you are the shining star on the wide sky of my life. Have a sparkling and fragrant birthday my honey bunny.

birthday quotes for husband 6

7. Withy the passing time each day i feel a fresh new spark of love burning in my heart for you as your companionship completes me every moment. Wishing a world of happiness and love my darling honey.

birthday quotes for husband 7

8. I thank you mom to give me his best precious son who has filled my empty life with love and family. So on your special day i wish you my love, commitment and companionship for eternity. Just be the way you are as you are special and unique.

birthday quotes for husband 8

9. I look up to you whenever i feel lost and cannot find my way back, as you are the guiding star of my life. Honey you make me complete, just remember to enjoy your special day although you are away from home, i am always with you.

birthday quotes for husband 9

10. You are the father of our children and the hero of my life, so just a small wish, happy 35th birthday so let’s rock the evening with friends and food.

birthday quotes for husband 10

11. The sky is spread as a vast platter to look up and dream with the wings of hope. In the same way you are the sky of love and affection in my life where i can fly with my wings of freedom and respect. Honey you make my life special so wishing you a world of success and happiness.

happy birthday to husband 11

12. As the clocks tics 12 so many words are coming in my heart, but just one word love, covers all others. Wishing you a loving and peaceful birthday. Would be waiting with your favorite cake.,

happy birthday to husband 12

13. In today’s world there is no guarantee of anything, but your love gives 100% guarantee of a beautiful future for eternity. So on your first birthday after our wedding i wish you a world full of love and companionship my love.

happy birthday to husband 13

14. You are the dream which came true and now i can see it each day with open eyes. So wishing you a very happy and prosperous year ahead on this special day of yours.

happy birthday to husband 14

15. My darling honey bunny just wishing you the happiest memories and moments of life with our togetherness. You are the rockstar of my life.

happy birthday to husband 15

Now you have so many ways to wish happy birthday to your husband. You can use any one of these. I am sure you like these birthday messages, for more wishes you can visit Birthdayinspire.

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