3 Tips to Find the Best Chinese Food Recipe Apps


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There are few things better than sitting down to a dinner that you have cooked yourself.  Especially if it is a dinner that features lots of noodles, rice and maybe a roast duck or two. Chinese recipes are a great way to add a little variety, spice, and flavor to your traditional weeknight dinners. Trying to find tasty Chinese recipes can be difficult, but luckily, we live in the 21st century, and there are 1000s of great Chinese cooking apps. By following these three tips you can quickly find the recipes that work best for you and spend more time cooking that wonderful dinner!

Use Ingredients Already in Your Pantry 

The great thing about Chinese food is that it can be as minimalist or as fancy as you  want to make it.  A great way to get started cooking Chinese food is to find an app that allows you to use ingredients already in your pantry. These apps are a great way to avoid a trip to the grocery store after a long day and help prevent wasted money and food by using leftover ingredients to create a fantastic mouth-watering dish. These apps are great for beginner Chinese food chiefs as well. By using ingredients already in your pantry, you can work with ingredients that you are already comfortable cooking: just adding a few different spices!

Find Your Favorite Dishes

Trying to recreate that fantastic dish you order from a Chinese food delivery app? Some amazing cooking apps let you search by meal or even  a restaurant to help you imitate that amazing stir fry you had a few weeks ago. A proper search function is essential for a Chinese recipe app, as it will save you a bunch of time scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of options. Although, sometimes when you are unsure what to cook for dinner being able to scroll through recipes is a nice feature, especially during a monotonous day at work.  The best recipe apps should offer you a discover category that will show you new recipes based on recipes you have cooked and liked previously!

Top 10 Chinese Cooking Apps

While doing some research for this article, I came across a great list of Chinese recipe apps.  This list offers a great place to start your search for the perfect app. It features a few apps that provide a great place to start and some more advanced apps that have some great features but may cost a little bit of money.

Cook like a Pro

Now that you have had some experience cooking Chinese food, there is no need to search for Chinese food near me on google maps!  Once you feel confident cooking some simple Chinese dishes it’s time to expand your dinner quiver. Adding a  few more show-stopping plates to your home-cooked menu is a great way to impress friends and family! Whether you are cooking for family, friends, or maybe a special night for you and yourself, finding a cooking app that offers instructional videos is essential for mastering the more complicated cooking techniques.   The best apps to bring your cooking to the next level will provide recipes that vary in difficulty from beginner to master and provide instructions and guidance with each step along the way.


Keep these three tips in mind as you search for the perfect Chinese recipe apps, and you’ll find a great app that fits your personal needs in no time. Remember to start simple and then build-up to the more complicated dishes, and you’ll be impressing friends and family at dinner in no time at all.

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