4 Tips for Organizing Your Fridge the Way It Was Meant to Be


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You deserve to live a better lifestyle. Maybe you are familiar with tv on rent, but that’s not enough. You also need a well-organized refrigerator will make your work easier. 

It’s not all about storing your items here and there in a fridge. There should be some order so that you can quickly locate anything whenever you need it. 

To give you an insight, some things should always be kept at the bottom of your fridge. Some of these items include meat and dairy. 

Besides, your fridge’s shelves and drawers should help you organize your items in your refrigerator without going through a lot of hassles. 

It’s needless to say that you need to keep your fridge organized. You need to put things where they should be. It won’t just look good, but also be convenient whenever you want something. 

1. Bottom Shelves

As said earlier, some things need to be kept at the bottom shelve of your fridge. Items like dairy products and meat should be kept at the bottom so that you don’t mix them with the other products you’d wish to put in your fridge. 

Maybe you are wondering why you must keep your meat and dairy products at the bottom of your fridge. 

Here is why: the bottom of your fridge is the coldest part, and therefore it will aid in keeping these products such as meat fresh. 

Besides, you would not love drinks like juices to drip to your meat. So, the bottom of your fridge is the best for such. 

Another point you should note is that you need to wrap well your meat before placing it at the bottom of your fridge. 

You can do this by wrapping it using a transparent polythene paper and then putting it in a clean bowl. Don’t have a refrigerator yet? Don’t worry, you can go for refrigerator on rent

2. Side Drawer for Condiments

Did you know that the side drawer is the warmest part of your fridge? Well, if you didn’t know, then now you know. 

That said, it is evident that some items should be considered for such space. And you know what? You should keep your condiments in this section. 

Besides condiments, you can also store a variety of items in this section. You can store your cooking oil, juice or even water in this section. 

3. Upper Shelf Should Be For Items that Don’t Get Bad Easily

Surprisingly, the upper part of your fridge turns to be warmer than other regions in your fridge. As such, you need to store items that don’t go bad easily in this section. 

Sure, you can store spreads like jam, hummus, and jelly in the upper section of your fridge. Besides, you have the freedom to store yogurt in this area too. And in case you were wondering, you can also put the leftovers in the upper region of your fridge. 

4. Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Fridge

Sure, there are certain foods that you shouldn’t keep in your fridge. It’s a surprise, but the truth is that you can’t store every food in the refrigerator. 

Here are the things you should never keep in your fridge: 

  • Coffee
  • Garlic
  • Bananas
  • Bread
  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes

Final Thoughts

Arranging your fridge to look decent isn’t that easy, and most people fail when it comes to this. Fortunately, you now have the hacks. 

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