5 Tips To Follow When Looking For LED Lights for Homes


LED Lights for Homes

LED undoubtedly is the future of lightning given the several benefits it offers – energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, just to name a few of them. And it is these benefits that have led to an increasing number of people replacing their conventional lighting solutions such as incandescents, halogens, and fluorescents with new age LEDs.

If you, too, are planning to switch to LED but are procrastinating your LED buying decision because of lack of information, here’s a post that gives you five Important tips that you must follow when looking for LED lights for home.

Let’s get started.

1. First Things First – It’s Lumens, Not Watts.

You might have heard people talk about conventional bulbs in terms of their wattage. That’s because when incandescents were in demand people used to buy bulbs on the basis of their wattage as it was their way of determining the amount of light they could expect from a bulb of a particular watt. The brightness of an LED is, however, represented in Lumens (and not Watts) as it’s a more appropriate unit for representing brightness of any lighting solution.

2. Look For An LED With A Dimming Feature.

Unlike conventional lightings LEDs can be dimmed as per the mood or the occasion. The unique dimming feature can help change the mood of any space. Just make sure that you buy a dimmer that comes with a continuous dimming option rather than a step level dimming option. This will allow you to choose between countless dimming levels. The Smart Switch Batten from Luminous comes with an automatic dimmer that allows smooth transition from brightness to darkness when switched off.

3. Go For A Multi-Color LED Light.

The good thing about LED lights is that they come in a wide range of colors. What’s even better, some lights come with multiple color options so that you can change the color as per your preference. The Comet Concealed Light from Luminous India, for instance, allows users to choose between various colors depending on their mood. The color options that it offers are – Red, Green, Blur, Cool White, Warm White.

4. Pay Attention To The Design And Shape Of The LED.

Unlike traditional lights that used to be plain, simple and lacked in design, the new age LED solutions are available in a variety of designs, styles and shapes. This allows LED buyers to experiment with the look, feel and aesthetics of their rooms. That’s because LED manufacturing companies understand the importance of an LED in a home’s decor. So make sure you buy an LED that goes with your home decor. If you are looking for an LED that’s square in shape you must check out the Galaxia Square Light by Luminous India. For a round shape light you can consider Luminous India’s Comet Concealed Light.  

5. Compare LEDs On The Basis Of Their Power Consumption.

While LEDs are far more energy efficient as compared to conventional lights, it is still recommended that you compare the shortlisted LEDs on the basis of their power consumption to find out which of them is the most power efficient. The lower the power consumption, the more the savings you make on your energy bills, and the sooner you get to recover the amount you spent on purchasing the LED.

Last Word

Besides the above mentioned things you must also ensure that the LED you buy comes with a generous warranty. Just make sure that you buy from a reputable brand that is known for offering great after sales support. One such brand that you must consider when looking for an LED light is Luminous India. It’s a 3 decade old company that has millions of satisfied customers. In fact, don’t just believe what we say, go online and read customer reviews to get an idea about the company’s offerings. 

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