6 Safety Tips for Two Wheeler Riders


Safety Tips for Two Wheeler Riders
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When you set out on a group trip on your bike, the excitement knows no bounds. It is important to make sure of safety measures if you wish your ride to be a memorable one in positive ways. Keeping yourself financially secure with two wheeler insurance is also necessary. Not only does two wheeler insurance protect you financially, but you can also approach your insurance company in case of an emergency. To make your ride safer, buy a roadside assistance cover with you two wheeler insurance.

  • Protection

Remember that it is for your safety and not just because the law complies us to. A helmet protects your eyes, thus buy a helmet with a strong plastic face protect which can protect your eyes from rain, dust, wind, insects etc. Make sure that each bike rider in your group is wearing a helmet to protect their safety. Also consider wearing a jacket, boots, and gloves as they’ll protect you against bruises and minor injuries just in case of a fall.

  • Ensure Bike’s Visibility

Even the largest bikes area unit the littlest vehicles on the road. try to improve your possibilities of being seen by larger vehicles. Wear bright-colored garments or a bright helmet. Use either reflective bands over your helmet or a helmet that’s of bright color to extend your visibility. Make certain that you just keep away from the blind spots of other vehicles. Another smart way is to keep your headlights switched on, even in daylight. 

Place reflective bands on the perimeters and back of your 2 wheeler. Ensure your brake lights and tail-lights area operating, this might save your life in the dark. Also, leave plenty of space between you and other vehicles. Don’t overtake in the dark as you might be unaware of an approaching vehicle if their headlights are not working.

  • Ride Carefully

Be extremely alert and careful while riding your bike. Garbage piles, speed breakers, oil spills, Potholes, railway crossings, dirt roads, stray animals, etc. will all cause a heavy threat if you aren’t careful. Look out for obstacles and road hazards. Riding within the prescribed limit will help you keep in control of your bike.

  • Maintain your bike well

Make sure your bike is in nice condition by having it maintained often. Check for yourself before every ride. Look out for the condition of the brakes, atmospheric pressure, tire condition, horn, clutch, lights, suspension, etc. If your bike fir, it will increase fuel efficiency and reduces risks of accidents.

  • Follow the Rules

Make sure you follow all traffic rules. Signal your intentions well ahead and clearly, so that, riders around you recognize your next move. Don’t press the brakes and switch short. Remember that your bike won’t stop before you press the brakes. This distance will increase because the speed will increase. Slow down and stop at each junction. Be careful even while riding late at night. A vehicle may suddenly approach. Never overtake on junctions, bridges, no honking zones, zebra crossing, etc. Be empathetic towards of pedestrians, let them pass before you zoom forward.

  • Insurance

As mentioned earlier, it is important to buy a 2 wheeler insurance policy for your bike. Since buying 2 wheeler insurance is mandatory by law, you could be penalized for not having a valid policy. If your previous policy has expired, make sure that you renew bike insurance in time. Failing to renew bike insurance in time will leave you exposed to great financial risks.

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