6 Types of Jewellery for Your Mother’s Beauty, Health & Happiness


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They say, God cannot be present in all the places, that’s the reason he created “Mother”, a soul that care us from the beginning till the end. She is the greatest emotional anchor to clense ourself to be better ones. As children we too do our best to keep her happy in all the possible ways, we care for her health, we pray for her long life. We make sure she look her best in all the ways, there are many ways you can make your mother happy. Here is a best one she would love to have. Jewellery, the best gift of artisans to a woman. Here are jewellers that cake bring in good health, happiness along with good looks. Giving these jewellery to your mother can not only express your filial piety, but also have a good meaning and health benefits.

1. Pearls

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Meaning auspicious well-being and completed. Diana once said that if a woman can only have a piece of Jewellery, it must be a pearl. Pearl not only has good meaning, but also looks dignified. Pearl can also calm, regulate endocrine, long-term wear can have a certain health care effect on the body. The pearls exude a warm luster and reflect the gentleness of the mothers. Fashionable moms can choose simple styles, while luxury moms can buy pearls with diamonds. Ordinary freshwater pearl necklaces cost around 500 to 1000 yuan. Seawater pearls range from a few thousand to tens of thousands yuan. The bigger and rounder the pearl, the better its luster and the more expensive it is.

2. Agate

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Activated internal organs, improve intestines and stomach. Agate is cryptocrystalline silica, translucent and glassy. The main effect can strengthen blood circulation, promote metabolism, and have a beauty effect on the skin. Because agate contains a variety of micro-elements such as iron, zinc, nickel, chromium, cobalt, manganese, etc., it is very healthy for mothers to wear agate monogrammed bracelets getnamenecklace.com for a long time.

3. Garnet

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Nourishing beauty and enhance blood circulation. It is better to send mothers garnet Jewellery than tonic! For women, blood circulation is very important. Because of the particularity of gender, women are prone to loss of vital energy and blood. A woman with insufficient blood, not only looks pale, has no spirit, but has a lower resistance. If you want a good spirit, you must have enough blood. In addition to the usual food supplement, you can also use Jewellery to help supplement your blood. The most common thing is garnet. Wearing garnet for a long time can enhance the vitality of the cells and improve blood circulation, thus playing the role of enhancing blood circulation, so that the overall look of the mother looks better! It is best to choose garnet bracelets and wear them in the left hand. As the saying goes, “Left in and right exit”, good things go from the left hand, bad things come out from the right hand. To garnet jewels that enhance blood circulation, of course, it need to be worn in the left hand.

4. Coral

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Meaning love precipitation. Coral is a beautiful creature of the sea, which with a very long life span, and its beauty is more directly displayed in front of the public when it is used as a jewel. It is one of the few jewels that has been alive for thousands of years. Corals represent unparalleled rarity and preciousness. The conditions for coral formation are very demanding. They often accumulate over thousands of years under conditions such as temperature, location, and seawater salinity. Therefore, having this treasure not only represents their own strong financial and strength, but also has the opportunity to let love settle.

5. Green Tourmaline

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Symbolizes hope, life and lucky. Green tourmaline represents freshness, health, hope and the symbol of life, it has a sense of safety, calm and comfort. It is like in the land with distinct four seasons, seeing the tree of spring and green tender leaf will make the person has the feeling of new life. Green tourmaline is also a kind of gemstone that attracts wealth. Therefore, many people make green tourmaline into bracelets, or put them together with wallets and cash boxes.

6. Turquoise

Image – Jennifer C. via Flickr

Symbolizes the auspicious eternal. Turquoise has the reputation of “stone of success” and “stone of luck.” It represents warmth and symbolizes auspiciousness, eternality and success. Wearing turquoise mothers bracelets www.getnamenecklace.com will make your mother’s life full of love, avoiding all the unfortunate accidents and bringing good luck to her. It also has magical effects such as promoting cell regeneration, strengthening the immune system, strengthening the body, stabilizing the mood and increasing the reactivity of the brain.

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