7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket-Friendly Trip


7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket Friendly Trip

The year is coming to an end and we are sure that every travel freak is planning for a trip to some of the best destinations across the globe. To be logical, the cheaper the destinations are, the longer you can afford to stay there. Thus, you can enjoy a longer version of your time. There are places where it is hard to get a hostel dorm bed at $50 per night while there are destinations where you can afford a luxury villa with a pool at the same price. The cost of flights is also increasing these days which is going to affect your overall travel budget. To make things easy for you, we have taken the initiative to make you well accustomed to some of the cheap destinations in the world. And if you are looking for some of the cheap flight deals then we recommend you to visit JustFly. 

So keep reading ahead and we hope that you will discover something fruitful in our blog.

1. Indonesia

7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket Friendly Trip - Indonesia
Image by Pixabay from Pixabay

Indonesia is one of the most loved countries on Earth. It is known for world-class surfing, scuba diving, white sand beaches, rice paddy scenery and a lot more. Indonesia offers mind-blowing incentives for settlement, nourishment, and transport. Here you can afford a beautiful villa or guest rooms at a cheap price of $20 per night. One can also have tasty and delicious seafood for $3 and can even get a motorbike at rent for a few dollars per day. You can also go for a car at a rate of $15 per day. The only thing that is not of extraordinary worth is liquor. Because of heavy taxes on them, an imported wine of low-quality costs around $20. You can go for local wine which ranges $13 to $15.

2. Mexico

7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket Friendly Trip - Mexico
Image by Gavin Seim from Pixabay

Mexico attracts travelers from all across the world each year because of its friendly environment, delicious and diverse foods, and outstanding beaches. Presently, the nation is theoretically 49 percent cheaper as a result of the money conversion to the USD. During the peak months i.e. from November to March, only the hotels costs are skyrocketed. Otherwise, Mexico will stun you with its incredible worth. You can get Coronas with a slice of lime at the cost of $1.5, fresh prawns at $3 per kilo, Tacos at 30 cents and strong margaritas at just $1. Mexico also contains its brand for grocery stores like Soriana and La Comer which are very much affordable. Buying your own desired groceries and cooking for own self is the best way to save money.

3. Colombia

7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket Friendly Trip - Colombia
Image by gustavo9917 from Pixabay

Colombia is really like a dream for travelers. Beautiful Spanish colonies, amazing beaches, inconceivably flawless and lavish wildernesses, and friendly people makes it all. Whether you are traveling with a pound, yen, dollar or yuan, Colombia is a superior arrangement now than it’s at any point been. The cost of Spanish guest houses is around $30 per night and one can also opt for Scuba diving at the cost of $24 for 10 dive pack in the Caribbean. One can also enjoy hotels with funky bars, Jacuzzi, rooftop pools, etc. There are unending astounding activities in Colombia, which can appear to be somewhat overpowering now and again.

4. Cuba

7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket Friendly Trip - Cuba
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

If you are searching to go on a pocket-friendly trip to the Caribbean then Cuba is the best option for you. Cuba is regarded as a diverse country having some outstanding landscapes, incredible beaches, a Spanish atmosphere and off course good foods. The people here are way too friendly. They will dance with you, will take you to hike in tobacco farms and also will party with you. Residing in Casa Particulares will make you familiar with these people’s cultures and traditions. This is the most ideal approach to meet the individuals and appreciate a credible encounter. For 2 people Casas will amount to $20 to $30 per night including breakfast. There are also discounts available for 1 person. The hotels available at this place starts from $25 to $180 per night. You can get a filling meal just at $5 to $10. Here cocktails costs from $2 to $3. If you are willing to try “peso food” then you would spend about $1 for a little dinner. Apart from that visiting a museum, riding horseback, caving and other tours will amount from $5 to $30. The expense of Cuba is unbelievably moderate, making it probably the least expensive nation to visit.

5. Bulgaria

7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket Friendly Trip - Bulgaria
Image by Arvid Olson from Pixabay

Bulgaria is the cheapest of all countries to visit in Europe. With flawless old towns, extraordinary wine, beautiful coastline, and excessively neighborly and ailak (loose) individuals, Bulgaria is likewise one of the top zones for travelers. You can have good food to eat at just $10 to $15. The hotel rooms are made inside ancient buildings which cost around $20 per night. The cost of bottles of wine is around $8. If one wants to visit Europe, experience its history, meet truly cool individuals and taste a portion of the world’s best wine while never burning up all available resources, Bulgaria ought to be on your travel list this year.

6. South Africa

7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket Friendly Trip - South Africa
Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

South Africa is like a heaven for travelers seeking for a pocket-friendly trip. With a rough and staggering coastline, mind-boggling natural wildlife, amazingly cordial individuals, delicious Indi-afro combination nourishment, respectable streets and an incredible price, you truly can’t beat SA. If you are a newbie in traveling then we highly recommend you to plan out for South Africa. The nation is moderately simple to travel, particularly on the off chance that you lease your vehicle. The cost of double rooms is around $40 per night. You will get meals at $7 and the entry fees at national parks are around $10.

6. Thailand

7 Cheap Destination for a Pocket Friendly Trip - Thailand

The land of smiles, Thailand, is one of the favorite spots for people who are budget backpackers. There are several destinations to visit in the country – whether you want cities, islands, National parks or jungles, there is always a place for you. Beach huts and guest houses costs around $15 per night, scuba diving will cost you just $20 and the Thai dishes will come at $2 per plate. The biggest expense that you can face is the traveling cost to Thailand, but once you have reached there we guarantee that you will enjoy the culture and warmth of the people who live here.

That’s all we have got on our list for some of the cheapest and pocket-friendly destinations. We hope that you will have a happy journey ahead.

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