7 Must Have Things in A Traveler’s Backpack


Must Have Things in A Traveler’s Backpack

Every year new gears and gadgets are arrived for travel freaks in the market. A quick surf on Amazon about “travel” will make you purchase at least 12 to 15 items. But believe us, not all of them are actually required on your trip. At the start, some items may even look cool but you’ll never be going to use them. To make things simple for you we have brought 7 of the most important things that a traveler should have in his backpack. So keep reading the article below and get accustomed to them.  

1. Handpresso

Handpresso is a compact, hand pump espresso machine. Traveling is really very much incomplete without brewed coffee and that is the place where this machine is useful. You just need to pump it 25 to 30 times, include boiling water and a unit of your preferred espresso and voilà, you have the ideal mug of coffee. Travelers who are at a tight budget can save a lot of their money using this rather than buying coffee from shops every day. Just think about it in this way. The cost of a large latte at Starbucks is around $3.65. Now, you can easily get a bag full of ground coffee at just $4.50 which can be used to make 30 to 40 cups of coffee very easily. You can also try adding milk to it. Thus you are saving a lot of your money. If you are ordering a large latte from Starbucks daily then by using it you can save like $105 each month. The only disadvantage of this instrument is that it’s a bit heavy, around 800 grams. But still, it’s a worthy item to take while traveling. 

2. Zipper Cubes

Zipper cubes are moderately little containers made from fabric, generally in a rectangular shape. These cubes are used especially in packing clothes. You can also pack other items like an electric toothbrush, ointments, medicines, etc. They are small, compact and durable. You can keep several of them into your backpack, suitcase or a carry-on bag. They keep your backpack sorted out and guarantee that everything is compacted down with the goal that you can pack more in it. These cubes are available in different shapes and sizes, some are rectangles, squares or even square tubes. Some provide additional zippers for extra compression, and some come with two-sided zips, which can be used to keep dirty and clean clothes separately. Thus, choose the zipper cubes according to your needs.

3. Tablet, pen, and paper

It’s a very true thing that while traveling we enjoy getting connected with our families and friends. We like to talk to them about our travel, we like to show them our traveling pics and a lot more. The best thing that one can go with is a Tablet. Not only you can stay connected with your loved ones but you can also surf for any kind of information if needed on the Internet. You can also get updated with all the fresh news as well as can get a good option for entertainment whenever needed. One of the most important advantages of having a laptop is that it occupies significantly less room in your pack and won’t burden you. Today we have options like Microsoft Surface and iPad Pro which allows us to get connectivity of a full laptop. In addition to a tablet, one should also have a notebook and some pens in the bag. While traveling you may need to write down important info regarding your journey and these will be very much useful.

4. Toiletry bag

Make it simple for yourself after arriving at your planned destination by packing a friendly toiletry bag with conditioner, aspirin, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, facial wipes, and required hand creams. You’ll have the option to remain crisp without any issues all through your movements. A supportive tip for first-time travelers – put resources into some refillable jugs to ensure you don’t surpass the approved portable size for fluids. The best option available in the market is silicon bottles. These are adaptable for your carry-on and let you press every piece out of the bottle, which is constantly valuable when you’re out and about.

5. Universal Power strip

Now, this is one of the most important items that need to get included in your backpack. As a traveler, you have many devices like Tablet, smartphones, or even laptops with you. But what will happen if they are dead? This is the worst nightmare that one can dream about. If you want to stay connected then you need to keep all your gadgets recharged or they are of no use to you. These days it is also very hard to find a power outlet in the airport (those who are working and are free). Thus it is good to have a universal power strip that will take out this issue.

6. Travel Mug

A handy and helpful item that every travel freak should have is a watertight travel mug. This can be used not only for hot beverages but it can serve a container for storing water. If it’s empty then you can also use it for keeping fragile items like jewelry and sunglasses. One thing that should always be ensured is that the water which you are storing in it is drinkable. This is critical if you plan on wandering out into the wild.

7. Tote or Sac for shopping

This item will prove to be very much helpful for grocery shopping while traveling. You can also abstain from paying for sacks at the sales register. You can utilize it to isolate your filthy garments from the tidy ones, fleet market purchases or even a day at the seashore. It’s really an amazing investment.

You may have some other items in your head to include in your backpack but these are 7 of the most important things to have while traveling. These items don’t even weigh much which is another significant point to think about when pressing for an excursion. Hope you will have a happy journey ahead.

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