7 Things To Avoid Doing On Valentine’s Day


Valentine Day Mistakes
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Are you one of those many who are pondering over what to gift to their valentine this year? Are you going through list of everything that is available in the market and will be best suited to your valentine? Although, there are uncountable options of what you can do at home or outside to make this day of love memorable, there are certain points you should keep in mind while going all-in this valentine.

1. Don’t go overboard with gifts

Its so adorable to be scouting for the more than perfect valentine gift for your loved one but think before making a dent in your wallet. Buy the perfect gift but don’t invest too much that might make your bank balance go bonkers.

2. First Date Mistake

Never, I mean NEVER, say those three magical words on your first date. It doesn’t matter if you have a crush on your valentine date or you find them magically charming, stop yourself from confessing your love on the very first date. There is still to know a lot about a person than you already know to fall in love with them.

3. Stop Talking Too Much

Not that we are asking to seal your mouth but do give your date a chance to speak. Sometimes, out of nervousness, we tend to talk a lot without giving considering other person’s feelings. It is a big turn off. Be a good listener. Its the key to a wonderful conversation.

4. Comparison with Ex-s

Your partner’s ex might have showered them with lavish gifts but comparing them with yours will make you gloomy only. When it comes to love, its the emotion and thought that matters. So, if you haven’t splurge big on the occasion, it is perfectly alright cause love conquers all.

5. Being Retentively Romantic

Don’t be clingy. Give some space to your partner. Certainly, you are their whole world but that doesn’t mean they cannot have a life besides you. They don’t need to do everything with you. Trust them and respect them and you will be apple of their eye forever.

6. Say No To Pranks

You might want to go adventurous this year and have some fun filled moments but avoid taking it too far with pranks. Save them for April 1st. Your date is going to have some romantic expectations from you and pranks can ruin the mood.

7. Showing Off Money

Keep romance alive in your relationship with love, care and affection rather than expensive gifts. The outlays of money won’t do any good in your relationship for long term. Communicate with them, shower them with admiration and dignity and make this relationship last forever.

Avoid these 7 mistakes and bestow all the love you want to on your valentine.

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