A Complete Guide to Making a Dream Trip to Singapore


Singapore is a dream destination for many people because it allows them to enjoy their vacation in a peaceful environment. Although it is small in size, several tourists from various parts of the world visit the city due to historical buildings, modern skyscrapers, and other architectural structures. The city is also a popular one for its world-class shopping malls that attract a lot of visitors who love shopping. It is a unique place that has a combination of several countries. Travellers can even enjoy Indian, Chinese, Malay, and local dishes in Singapore to ensure a fine dining. 

There are various things to do in Singapore and one should know more about them in detail before making a trip. 

1. Marina Bay waterfront promenade

Guide to Making a Dream Trip to Singapore

Marina Bay waterfront promenade is a long walking stretch which covers 3.5 km along the bay walkway that brings more people. It connects the Marina Center, Colleyar Quar, and the Bay front in Singapore that has several boutique shops and fancy restaurants. Merlion statue located in the promenade is the main attraction that attracts several visitors. 

The promenade is an environmentally-friendly recreational area which allows tourists to relax their mind from busy lifestyle. It is a viewing area for several public events organized by individuals and others. Surrounded by glitzing skyscrapers and towering skyscrapers, it serves as centre for showcasing the true essence of Singapore. Wonder Full water show, the Helix Bridge, and the ArtScience Museum are some of the highlights that one should not miss while visiting the promenade.

2. Gardens by the Bay

Dream Trip to Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is an urban garden in the city centre which covers a variety of plants and waterfalls in 101 hectares. It is a modern green space that grows plants with a combination of nature and the latest technologies. The centre displays the breadth of plants in creative ways allowing visitors to enjoy the same with others. Visitors can even explore the flower dome and other things in the gardens to witness complete excitement. 

3. Sentosa Island 

Guide to Making a Dream Trip to Singapore Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the popular destinations in Singapore which features exciting and wonderful attractions. It is just 15 km away from the city centre allowing visitors to perform a wide range of fun activities. This 3.2 km sandy stretch has three divisions-Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and Tanjong Beach. Tourists can take a sun bath at the Palawan Beach while planning a tour. 

4. Jurong Bird Park 

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is one of the biggest ones in Asia which spread across 20 acres of land. The park is home to more than 5000 birds that exactly fulfil the expectations of visitors who love bird watching. One can even walk across suspended bridges in the park and feed birds accordingly.

5. Sands Skypark 

Sands Skypark

The Sands Skypark observation Deck is a famous tourist attraction in Singapore allowing tourists to have a spectacular view of the city at 360 degrees. It has 57 levels and one can observe everything including the movement of ships. 

Travel tips to Singapore 

1. Singapore has an excellent public transportation system network including Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) allowing tourists to go anywhere with ease. A tourist pass is available for one-day, two-day, and three day travel enabling tourists to plan a trip accordingly. 

2. Travellers should take travel insurance while making a trip to Singapore. This will help a lot to claim amounts when a person lost its luggage. Another thing is that it will help to get high protection from damages and other problems to a large extent. 

3. New travellers should customize their trip itinerary properly which cater to the interests and need of everyone. It is advisable to discuss with family members and children before scheduling a trip. 

4. The tap water is absolutely safe to drink in Singapore and one can refill the same in empty bottles when travelling to important destinations. It is advisable to avoid plastic bottle while filling the water.

5. It is advisable to carry lot of cents and dollar notes while commuting via buses. This is because a bus driver will print the ticket when a person inserts the exact change in the money box.

6. Singapore doesn’t experience a pleasant or cool climate and visitors should check the best time to visit the city with family and others. Travellers should carry a sunscreen lotion and other things as the climate is mostly hot and humid throughout a year.

7. Smoking is strictly prohibited in public places and air-conditioned complexes. Those who are violating the rules should face severe fines including jail. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the local laws properly while making a trip in Singapore. 

8. Tourists should carry minimal values, wear comfy shoes, and keep a handy map when they travel to various parts in Singapore.

9. It is a wise one to book all entry tickets in advance for avoiding long queues that can save more time. 

10. Since Singapore is an expensive city in the world, visitors should choose a tour package which exactly fits their budgets.

Where to stay in Singapore?

Travellers should stay in a hotel that’s nearby to the places they wish to visit in Singapore. It is a wise one to select the budget hotels for ensuring the best accommodation. The hotels in Singapore offer modern amenities for guests allowing them to make the trip a memorable one. They even provide better services to visitors after evaluating their requirements. 

Visitors can match the costs of best hotels in Singapore from different websites to choose the right package at cheaper prices. It is possible to book the hotels online in advance after making a complete research. Customers can even contact the customer support team to know more about the services in details. Most hotel websites provide huge discounts on packages allowing visitors to reduce the expenses significantly. It is important to read reviews of websites before booking a hotel. Another thing is that it gives methods to make a better decision while selecting a package.  

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