Alok Nath in Cyber Tsunami?


All those sports enthusiasts who love going to the stadiums to watch the game are secretly waiting for one other thing. No, it isn’t the popcorn and soda, it’s the “WAVE”. So basically a group of people get up from their chairs raising their hands up in the air, and quickly lowering them back and retiring back to their seats, then the group next to them repeats the same thing, this happens all through the stadium  making a wave sort of illusion. It is like a mass hysteria that takes over the crowd and suddenly everyone wants more. The social media too has its own version of waves. Every once a while there comes this huge surge of absolutely hilarious jokes related to one particular individual or incident and takes everyone by storm, something like the trending topics in twitter but this wave is everywhere right from FB, whatsapp, messages, tweets, memes and in some cases videos too. It is just impossible to ignore them; they are like an annoying Bollywood song that slowly grows onto you.

If you still haven’t understood what we are talking about then here it is plain and simple:

Do you remember those CID jokes? Almost everything from ACP Pradhyuman’s hand gestures to Daya’s antics were hilariously illustrated, and then came the ‘Thalaiva’ himself: Rajnikanth, this wave was more of a tsunami and the effects are still felt in a lot of places.

Today it’s all about Alok Nath, no one really knows how and why these particular characters suddenly get so much publicity but you can’t stop laughing your guts out every time someone forwards one to you. Have a look at these one-liners:

  • Alok Nath believes in ‘Aashirwad at first sight’.
  • Alok Nath believes the ‘F’ in FTV stands for Family.
  • Alok Nath carried Hanuman-Chalisa to school instead of notebooks.
  • Alok Nath eats Prasad as starters.
  • Alok Nath goes to KFC to eat his favorite ‘Gaajar ka Halwa’.
  • Alok Nath had all the Senior Citizen privileges since he was 6 years old.
  • Alok Nath has requested for an ‘Aashirwad’ button to Twitter.
  • Alok Nath has zero friends because he always turns ‘Dosti into Rishtedaari’.

We found some really funny memes too..

Alok Nath

Alok Nath Sanskari

In fact it is not just about funny one liners and memes. These insanely creative people actually write a whole song.. Check these out:

Presenting Lungi Dance in Alok Nath Version..

Dhoti ko thoda round ghumake,
Pandit ke jaisa tika lagake,Coconut ko rassi lagake
Aa jao sare mood banake.. All the Babuji fans;dont miss the chance-
Kanya Daan,Kanya Daan,Kanya Daan,Kanya Daan
Mandir me jab ye bhajan lagega,
havan ke paas aana padega,
Dhoti ko uthana padega,
Aarti karke dikhana padega.. All the Babuji fans;dont miss the chance-
Kanya Daan,Kanya Daan,Kanya Daan,Kanya Daan
Night jaagran me aya mai to,
mujhko rokega kon aur kayko
Mera mood mai Kanyadaan karega-
kisi ladki ke daddy se nahi darega.. Jisko aashirwad lena hai le lo-idhar hi mai khada pair
pakad lo..
Mandir me jake pujari ko puchlo,
mere bare me ‘Alok Nath Memes’ pe padh lo..
Kanya Daan Kanya Daan Kanya Daan Kanya Daan

Today, Neil Nitin Mukesh with his plural names is trending and Nirupama Roy with her soul wrenching sobs is soon catching up. Wonder whats in store tomorrow,  lets just hope that these waves never die down..

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  1. It is fun to see how everything, be it fashion, be it education patterns, be it Chetan Bhagat’s books (or anyone else’s for that matter, or even something like humour always requires a trending pattern. There has to be an ‘in’ thing for the masses to follow together at a time.

    Funny phenomena!

  2. This is hilarious! Just after I read this post I happen to see his movie Vivah and I can’t look at him the same way anymore… he he!
    I guess he’s more popular now than ever before… 🙂
    Lovely post, brought a smile on my face!


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