Benefits of a Healthy Smile


Everybody love to have a healthier smile. It makes him or her feel comfortable and confident when interacting with friends and relatives. It also affects how your close friends will view you. For the last few decades, everybody can afford to have a perfect smile they have always dreamed of. People no longer have to allow discoloration, broken, chipped and stained teeth to hold their smile captive. 

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There are various and different options available to deal with many issues that can prevent you to have a healthy smile. This article enlightens you on some of the benefits of having a healthy smile as described by Cosmetic Dentistry Phoenix. 

Reduces stress: Normally when someone has a healthy smile, he or she will be willing to show it off to their friends, relatives, and the general public. It comes out that frequently smiling is good for you. This releases a feel-good emotion that will improve your mood making you feel happier. It, therefore, reduces the daily stress that you might be dealing with.


Healthy Smile will make you more attractive: Many people around the world gravitate towards some people who seem to appear sociable and happy. I guess you are the same as well. When you tend to smile, more people will naturally be attracted to you. It makes you be more loved and likable. This helps you to form and maintain a good relationship with your close friends and relatives in your professional and your personal life. According to some studies, most of the people who regularly display good emotions are likely to have and maintain interpersonal relationships and marriages. Are you looking to have and enjoy fun with more friends? Then you need to start fixing your teeth and smile more often. 

Healthy smile boosts your immune system: According to a recent research that was conducted by Mayo Clinic, healthy smile boosts the immune system. They found that laughter and positive thoughts will help your brain to fight off diseases and illness. They also found that negative thoughts and negative moods will lower your immune system. In addition, laughter therapy has been found to be the best for postnatal patients. It was found to improve their immunity’s responses. It, therefore, turns to be true to the Old saying that….’’laughter is medicine.’’

Healthy smile improves heart health: Note that the advantages of health smiling and laughing do not stop with someone’s immunity. It also helps to lower the blood pressure. This also goes well with heart health. When you are prone to laughter, your heart rate beat is increased. This is followed by a decrease in the heart rate and blood pressure as the muscle relax. It, therefore, helps you to lower the possibilities of developing heart complications. 

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Good habits: Keeping your smile healthy will influence you to practice other good habits such as washing your dishes after dinner, lacing up your shoes, making your bed and cleaning your bathroom and toilet every evening and every morning. Let your health smile trigger you to do new things in terms of good habits. 

It will give you peace of mind: Most of the time when your smile is not health, there is always a constant voice in your head that will keep worrying you. You will experience gum bleeding and teeth pain. If you can care for your gums and teeth as your dentist will recommend, you will definitely silence that worrying voice. Therefore dental care will give you a peace of mind. 

It leads to dental health: Healthy smile means your dental health is perfect. You need to keep your mouth free of diseases and illness-causing tartar and plaque buildup that goes a long way to ensure you are making it and not just faking it. 

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Healthy smile allows you to save more money: When you have a healthy smile, you will find yourself saving some cons. The moment you have nailed the healthy dental routine such as visiting your dentist you have been avoiding, you will be ahead of your starting line. If you have a healthy smile, it means you are reducing your chances of needing costly dental procedures in your life. 

Healthy smile boosts the moods of other people around you: Having a healthy smile will improve the mood of your relatives, close friends and all the people around you. This is according to a research which was conducted back in the year 2006 and it was published in the safety research journal. The team in this research found that the moment a motorist is smiled at, he or she tends to drive slower and cautiously when they are near pedestrians. So what will happen if you improve the mood of people around you? It will lead to good and stronger working relationships and you stand a high opportunity of being promoted at the workplace. 

Health smile keeps breath fresh: A healthy smile means a fresh breath. This is a must if you want to communicate comfortably with your fellow workmates and the clients. In other words, bad breath will act as a barrier to career growth especially when you are willing to be promoted or to climb the company’s ladder and impress your line manager. According to Mayo Clinic research, poor oral hygiene, gum disease, and cavities are culprits of bad health.

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Healthy smile leads to the release of Neurochemicals: Generally, health smile provides an emotional lift. You feel more comfortable, calmer and happier after smiling because smiling promotes the brain to produce a balancing chemical known as Neurochemical. When selling the brain releases endorphins, serotonin, neuropeptides and dopamine. These neurochemicals tend to regulate mood and reduce pain. 

In conclusion, we are all aware that we have to maintain the health of our teeth, and we knew some few reasons why we must do that. But with the above reasons and their implementations. We look forward to seeing a generation with good dental health. I hope after reading the above article on the benefits of healthy smiling you have been enlightened.

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