Benefits of A High-Risk Merchant Account [Infographic]



Even though at the beginning being rejected by the merchant bank and falling into high-risk category might seem like a disaster, it’s not so bad. You can ask a high risk merchant account provider, and they will tell you that it actually has a lot of benefits. Some of them include: 

  • Possibility of global expansion – In contrary to traditional merchant accounts which are restricted to transactions only in the parent country, high-risk merchant accounts have no limitations and can transact money as they please, no matter the currency which gives them a real possibility of a globalizing their business
  • Absent volume caps – ubiquitous in traditional merchant accounts; high-risk merchants don’t have to worry about a target volume per month, which means that they can easily transact as they want
  • Lower chance of account termination – if a traditional merchant will experience a more significant amount of chargebacks (more than 1%), their account can be terminated; that’s not the case with high-risk merchant accounts as the providers know beforehand that it can happen, so they’re safe, and their account will not be terminated due to high chargeback 

One of the businesses for which it is beneficial to open a high-risk merchant account is collection agencies. If you want to find out how you can open a collection agency merchant account, check out the infographic.



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