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Gas Card
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The most important requirement for all people is their meals, and one of the most common methods of preparing warm food is cooking gas. Although there are alternatives like the microwave, wood fires and using biogas, cooking using cooking gas is the most common. In this day and age, cooking gas is also quite common in the vast majority of Indian households which makes it very easy to use.

Why does one create a gas card?

The Government offers subsidies on cooking gas to people who would like to avail of them. Although this is regulated by individual states, the overall rule is that people receive about 12 cylinders a year at a subsidized price and would have to pay the entire price if they would need more above the number.

A gas card allows the gas provider to keep a track of the number of cylinders that an individual has purchased. It also gives the provider directions to people’s houses so they can deliver their cooking gas at their doorsteps. This is usually handled through a vehicle that visits different areas at different times in the week. It allows people to gather their cylinders and wait for their return.

What is the process of getting a gas card?

There are two main documents that need to be attached along with the basic forms. The forms are available at the addresses of the gas provider offices closest to you. Applicants have to attach their address proof and identity proof to receive a gas card. The documentation is handled at their end and people would receive a call informing them that their cards were prepared and that they had to collect them.

The new system allows applicants to handle the entire process online. Other than just going through the forms, they would be able to research their providers, either HP, BP, or Indane, go through their rules and check their delivery schedules, and also find out the best price that they can settle on.

Furthermore, all the details including the forms needed and the supporting documents are mentioned online. This means applicants can download them, fill them out and send them back. It also implies that the website would have someone else on the other end who would handle the running about and make the applicant’s life easier.

In an age where everything is calculated in minutes and seconds, traveling to an office to get forms and then again to submit them is not something that makes much sense. This was one of the reasons why people preferred sidestepping the process. However, with the new system, it makes everything a lot better and way more convenient.

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