How Can Golf Fight Depression and Anxiety



Imagine rolling acres of green, sunny mornings, birds chirping and beautiful sunsets. This picture instantly envelopes you with a feeling of happiness, well-being and calm, such is a beauty of a golf course.  No wonder an environment like this has proved to be the perfect setting for someone looking to elevate their mood while keeping fit. Research has shown that playing a round of golf could be one of the best ways to keep away the blues.

Medical experts believe that golf has a therapeutic effect and can help ease psychological distress for several reasons. The feeling of hitting a ball across acres of grass, woods, water and sand is said to be pleasing to the senses. The game also calls for high concentration which helps a person forget about their problems and relax. For instance, playing at a golf course like the Arabian Ranches Golf Club in Dubai, with its strategically placed holes amidst sand dunes and desert landscape, is highly relaxing for most golfers.

Some medical communities like the Institute of Public Health in Britain, are even using the game of golf as a therapy for obese individuals. It is because the sport helps burn 400 calories per hour as well as helps lessen anxiety and depression. So, if you are feeling down and also want to shed some pounds then why not try your luck at the game. Book a golf session at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, or the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, or any of the other golf courses and experience for yourself the therapeutic benefits of playing the game.

If you are still not convinced with it then here’s how playing golf can help fight depression and anxiety.

Calm and pleasing environment

Unlike many other sports, golf is played in a sprawling and serene environment. Also, rather than playing directly against someone, you play against the golf course. All these features about a golfing match help reduce stress and improve the concentration of the individuals.

Involves attentiveness and mindfulness

A golfer needs to be present in the moment and be thinking clearly while using his golf club and making a shot and this automatically helps him reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms. Since golf requires focused attention and awareness, the player is forced to disconnect from all worries and focus on hitting the target. It is the perfect sport to take your mind away from depressive thoughts and unnecessary fears, and also provides a few hours of mental and emotional distraction.

Gets you to spend some time in the nature’s lap

Rather than always breathing in air-conditioned air and spending time indoors, the game helps you spend time outdoors and enables you to reap its countless benefits. Being in contact with nature is always mood-lifting and energizing. While playing golf, you can always appreciate the surrounding beauty in between shots and also get your daily dose of vitamin D.

It is a great networking and social activity

Golf is a great game for those individuals who tend to isolate themselves indoors. The game makes a player step out and meet new people. It is an ideal game to foster networking for professional as well as personal goals.  The game has a therapeutic effect on others who stay reserved and lonely.

Will make you burn calories and be more active

While golf does not involve strenuous cardio or aerobic training and neither does it require picking up any heavy weights, it does get you walking the long miles. In fact, you can burn as much as 400 calories per hour while you play the game and swinging the club help the joints remain flexible. So, in comparison to sitting in front of the “idiot box” for a long time, playing golf for a couple of hours per week can do wonders to help you rejuvenate and feel relaxed.

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