Different Types Of Sewing Machines


Different Types Of Sewing Machines
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There are various types of sewing machines out of which domestic and the industrial machines are the basic two types of machines. There are various types of sewing machines like the computerized sewing machine, embroidery sewing machine, button hole machine, etc. For home use you can buy the domestic sewing machine which is available in a variety of brands and features. The commercial sewing machine is faster than the domestic sewing machine and can handle large capacity of sewing work in a day. The industrial sewing machine is used in manufacturing units. 

1. Domestic sewing machine

Housewifes as well as tailors use the domestic sewing machine. They can do all types of sewing work on most of the woven fabrics like cotton and silk. They cannot work on non-woven fabrics like lycra and stretchable fabrics. These are sewing machines which work at a slower speed. You can attach a motor to speed up the sewing work in a domestic sewing machine. Additionally, you can also change the feed, which is a part of the sewing machine in order to be able to work on non-woven and heavy fabrics. 

A domestic sewing machine can be customized to be used on various fabrics, woven and non-woven. You can run a domestic sewing machine manually without the need of a power outlet as long as it is not attached to a motor. The electric power is required only when motor is attached to the manual sewing machine. The best sewing machine for home use is from the Usha or the Singer brand. 

You can also use electronic sewing machine that comes with various features and mechanisms that lets you experiment with sewing techniques and designs in a better way compared to a domestic sewing machine. You can create decorative fabrics with motifs and designs using the electronic sewing machine. These machines are available in various brands and come in various features. The other types of sewing machines are as follows.

  • Embroidery machines
  • Sergers or overlocking machines
  • Computerised machines
  • Electronic sewing machines

The embroidery machines are available in manual as well as electronic form of machines. You can create embroidery projects in various threads, metallic as well as silk threads using these machines. Sergers or overlocking machines are used for professional hemming on the garments that are stitched. Computerised machines are programmable sewing machine where you can electronically set the type of thread pattern you need for sewing and craft projects. They come with an LED screen which displays the selection of the thread pattern. The computerised sewing machines have a USB port and a Wi-Fi connection that let you download the patterns from the computer to this machine. These machines are highly priced compared to the manual machines. 

The electronic sewing machines have a foot pedal that is electronic and can be used to control the speed of stitching with a feature touch pressure. Unlike the manual sewing machines the electronic sewing machines do not require you to put pressure on the foot pedal. The electronic sewing machines are versatile for various types of stitching as well as craft projects. The embroidery machines are manual and the ones which are electronic have a LCD screen that show the selection of the pattern of the thread that is used for embroidery work. 

2. Commercial sewing machine

These are heavy sewing machines that can handle sewing of volumes of fabric in a single day and works with a lot of speed. With these machines you can give a professional finishing to a garment compared to the basic finishing done by a domestic machine. Garments stitched on commercial sewing machines are durable and the stitch stays for the longer time. They are available in four types.

  • Cylinder bed sewing machine
  • Flat bed sewing machine
  • Free arm sewing machine
  • Post bed sewing machine

Commercial sewing machines are efficient and have many built-in features that the domestic machines do not have. Right from the needle post to the arm design, there are variations in each type of an industrial machine. They are not similar to each other. These machines need a separate motor and do not come with an attached motor. The cylinder bed sewing machine is used for making bags, shoes, and such sewing projects which have a thicker fabric with variable cuts and designs. There is a wide range of commercial sewing machine brands available in the market, so you must check reviews of these machines before taking buying decision.

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