Factors to Consider While Buying a Smartphone Baby Monitor


Parents of the digital world can stay busy as well as monitor their baby from a distance while doing their work with Smartphone baby monitor. You only need a Wi-Fi connection and a display of high resolution to watch your baby from wherever you are. 

These are video monitors that let you see every move of your baby clearly. Look at the features that come with these types of monitors that let you have privacy and security controls over the access that anyone can get watching them.


Security is the one of the top most features to look into before buying this type of a baby monitor. Without good security controls strangers can get a peek into the movements of your baby. 

Look for monitors that have good encryption service so that nobody is able to intercept this data. With this feature enabled you can view your baby on a Smartphone.

Internet/ Wi-Fi connectivity

Stay connected with your baby no matter where you are with a Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone baby monitor. You can watch your baby on your phone once it is connected to the Wi-Fi. 

The set up for the Smartphone is easy and requires no additional phone or connectivity accessories. They also come with filters that cut down the background noise and let your listen to the voice and murmurs of your baby clearly. 

Display of the monitor

Look at the dimensions and configuration of the monitor for clarity. You must be able to get clear and undisturbed footage of the activities of your baby and be able to view it on the display unit. 

Choose a monitor that comes with a higher resolution for video and image. Zoom capabilities and camera angles are a plus. A Smartphone baby monitor that has a two way speaker lets you talk to your baby and also hear her voice. 

Movement features

Motion detection, room temperature, remotely controlling the features of the camera and sound are the features to look at to have a direct contact with the baby even when you are traveling and physically away from the baby. When the internet features are enabled, you can give live streaming access to your grandparents, friends, and relatives. 

Product reviews and specifications

Look at various product reviews and the specifications of the products before you make a purchase. These specifications let you know the kind of features that are made available along with the device and the limitations of their access. 

Depending on how frequently you travel and the amount of time you spend with the baby or stay away, you can look at the specifications and make the purchase.

Night vision feature

You can look at your baby even during the night time without disturbing the baby. The night vision feature lets you monitor the baby in the night even when the baby is asleep. Even in the night vision you can see clearly if the baby is awake and watch all of their movements. 

Range and expandability

Look at the range this monitor covers. The audio as well as the video must be visible at a wider range even if you go to a nearby place such as a grocery or laundry. You can have more than one unit and look at the expandability features to use it for a longer run when you have more children.

Get a smart phone baby monitor app

There are many free and paid applications online that let your use your Smartphone like a baby monitor. Each of these applications comes with a set of features that you can choose from. For instance, an application might vibrate your phone when the baby is crying. These apps also adjust the noise levels automatically. A few apps come with unlimited range and might be useful for busy parents. 

With most of these apps you will get alerts and messages on various phone apps such as, Skype, email notifications, phone messages, phone calls, etc. 

Activity log

You can go back and check and view the audio and video recording anytime in the activity log. This feature lets you keep a track of the baby activities and keep a record of it. 

If you are too busy to check every day, you can look at the activity log to look into the activities and movements of the baby as and when you find time. 

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