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Ever wondered about what is the point of ultimate happiness? If you think this esoteric idea is not worth your time, think again… the University of Pennsylvania in the US is now offering a master’s degree in positive psychology, i.e. happiness!

The land of happy, past or present is bunkum! Is it really true? In today’s modern world, have we got so engrossed in the thrall to lucre that the whole concept of happiness is distorted? It is a well known belief that modern capitalism has crawled so deep into every individual’s life that we don’t see happiness as a virtue, but rate it according to our bank balance.

We have always come across think-tanks claiming that life was happier and easier in the ancient times without social networking sites or the internet. In fact, our present struggle towards globalization, through modern technology, drives us to a happier and a less lonely place than the pre-technology world. Today, happiness is more of a choice, we can stand to recognize it only once our pockets are full and our bellies are not hungry anymore!

What do people think about the pursuit of happiness? Let’s check out…

Sanjiv Kaura, the CEO of the CSR division of Bennett, Coleman & Co. states, “Most of us are forever in search of happiness. You may find happiness in fine food, i might find it in books, the next person might find it in music. But we search for the Holy Grail of happiness all our lives. Now, it seems happiness can be taught in schools and colleges. An intriguing prospect as we look for a little emotional sunshine within ourselves in these hot, sultry days.

Which brings us to the question do students, at such a young age, need to be distracted by this esoteric idea of being taught happiness? Typically, a student, at the end of her education journey, wants a qualification that she hopes will make her more prosperous than before she started her journey. And top schools, in true customer service style, give her exactly that. Thus, when a student is primarily being taught how to be successful, happiness gyan can be distracting at best and conflicting at worst.

We cannot reach the elusive goal of happiness by the direct route of consciously searching for it. The secret lies in taking an elliptical path.”

Dipsicdude writes… “Happiness is an Unproductive Imagination”

This has been a quote which has fascinated me for a long time. Ever since i saw it during those good ol’ schooldays (funny how everyone seems to think they’r so ‘good ol” once u move on, though they may actually hav never been so ‘good ol” in reality!).. The Chicane video..with Bryan Adams gruff vocals..’Dont give up’…

Something worth pondering over, i felt…i have repeated it a number of times to various pals, old and new, however, in never more than a light hearted vein.

Happiness, to me, has always seemed the state that everyone searches for, from time immemorial… Like they say in that dream of a book, ‘Shantaram’, ‘the search for a truth greater than our own’..(although i gez he was actually talking bout love there).. but then again, arent love and happiness interdependant? Love does that to you. It can build up your emotions to a crescendo…then bring you crashin down all over again. Which is the main reason i try to figure it ut…is Happiness an Unproductive imagination???’ After all, its just a state of mind, which is as transient as the next.

Compiled by: Manasi Ganu

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