How to Hire the Right Plumber in Singapore



In Singapore, the thriving economy allows homeowners to choose among many contractors. Typically, they specialise in multiple tasks but may also focus on a particular niche. Indeed, the abundance of companies increases the service quality. However, many owners find choosing the right plumber a daunting task. 

Perhaps, you’re looking to hire a plumber for simple maintenance or a minor problem. Whatever the reason, hiring someone who has the experience and will provide quality service at a reasonable price is a no brainer. Luckily, everybody can find a reputable contractor by following a few simple steps. Here’s what you need to consider before selecting a plumber for your maintenance works:

Ask about license

First and foremost, when hiring any contractor in Singapore, you must ask for a license. Typically, the government requires all plumbers to go through special training. The idea is to make sure all reputable companies offer quality services. Besides, no one would want to hire a contractor who doesn’t know how to do maintenance.

Supposedly, all plumbing service companies have a license, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, the best you can do is ask to see your contractor’s certificates. That way, you’ll avoid regretting your choice in the future. 

Make sure there are no hidden costs

While the strict regulations minimise the risk of a bad experience, you must ask for a quote. Usually, you can do this by scheduling a consultation or a visit. That way, the expert will evaluate the problem personally. Ultimately, you’ll get an accurate quote, including labour and material costs. 

Still, you must ensure no hidden costs and additional charges that you don’t want to pay. Typically, the cost of a job may increase during work. In this regard, you should choose a plumber who will give you a final price before starting the task.

Ask for the charge basis

Sometimes, homeowners forget to ask about the charge basis. While this might seem like a minor issue, it can completely alter the final price. Therefore, it should be among the first things to do before hiring a plumber. 

Generally, most companies charge either hourly or at a flat rate. However, it all depends on the type of work. In most cases, a flat rate seems more viable. After all, it would ensure that you’d pay the same amount of money no matter how long the job takes.

Also, don’t forget to ask for the payment method. While some experts ask for payment after finishing the job, others may ask for payments at certain milestones. Either way, avoid hiring plumbers that ask for 100% upfront payments.

Sign a contract

Another crucial point is signing a contract. Of course, this seems like a no brainer. Still, you mustn’t forget to do it. Otherwise, you may face some problems in the future, including fines or even a bad plumbing job. Besides, signing a contract with clear goals and terms will ensure that the task is in safe hands. You may also consider extra services like cleaning after work and whatsoever.


Last but not least, no matter the size of the plumbing problem in your home, your plumber must have insurance. Indeed, accidents can happen anytime, regardless of the expert’s experience and equipment. In such cases, your plumber of choice must have health insurance. 

Also, if the contractor guarantees their work, it’s likely a green flag. Such insurance would prevent any issues from reemerging after finishing the job once. Typically, you should sign a specific guarantee in written format. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, hiring a plumber in Singapore is an easy thing to do. However, you must be aware of all the details. Also, always do your research when looking to hire a plumbing contractor. Depending on the issue and desired results, you must find the perfect balance between quality and price. Luckily, Homees is a platform to find the best plumbers in Singapore. Perhaps, you should open the website and follow our steps. You’ll hire a pro to fix your issue in no time!

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