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Immigration to Europe can be an excellent opportunity for a visa-free travelling. Some EU countries support the relocation by the procedure called repatriation. Thus, Legal EU Counsel offers assistance to people from other countries in order to make their relocation easier., is a reliable company, that provides people with relevant information about immigration to the European Union. Learn more details about the company, required documents, and all stages of obtaining citizenship of Romania, Slovenia or Bulgaria below. Also, in this article you will find the reviews about Legal EU Counsel. Thus, after analyze customers’ experience make your decision about cooperation with the experts.

General information

Legal EU Counsel has been helping people to relocate to Europe for almost 10 years. The company has assisted more than 600 clients to become citizens of various European countries. The lawyers are well knowledgeable in the European Law and all nuances during the EU passport obtaining procedure and are able to prepare all the necessary documents.

Potential immigrants can contact the lawyers by filling the online form or via phone. They need to present some personal information for the lawyers to analyze their chances to apply for Romanian, Bulgarian or Slovenian citizenship by repatriation. At the initial consultation, that is free of charge, the applicants will find out how to achieve their immigration goals. Analyzing the personal data of the clients, the lawyers will develop a strategy based on their needs. The payment for the assistance is split into several installments and is required only after the result. assistance in obtaining EU citizenship

The immigrants can obtain European citizenship by the most popular ways: investment, naturalization or repatriation.

The company assists its clients in obtaining citizenship by repatriation, and the reason for that is a fast-track application procedure.

The obligations of Legal EU Counsel include:

  • Legal issues solving;
  • Complete documents preparation (including translation and notarization of them);
  • Submitting the documents on behalf of the applicant (in some cases);
  • Additional materials for preparation to the oath taking ceremony;
  • Monitoring the whole immigration process.

Among the outstanding qualities of, according to customers’ reviews, are the high qualification and patience of the lawyers, great time management, and the transparent payment scheme. The client is kept abreast at all stages of the process, while routine job is done by the company. Considering that obtaining citizenship itself is not a quick procedure, the number of satisfied customers speaks in favor of Legal EU Counsel.

EU passport by repatriation: how does it work?

Gaining citizenship by repatriation is considered to be the quickest way of obtaining an EU passport. The immigrants must provide evidence that their direct ancestors were the citizens of a particular country.

To help the client get a passport of Romania, Bulgaria or Slovenia, Legal EU Counsel’s lawyers:

  • Search the required documents in various repositories;
  • Translate and notarize the papers;
  • Organize the application procedure.

The company guarantees complete confidentiality and protection of personal data.

The customer feedback on found on the Internet is entirely positive. The clients stress the professionalism of lawyers who were able to confirm their Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovenian descent. The potential immigrants choose Legal EU Counsel for the help because of their ability to manage paperwork on time, and a great experience in international migration field. The lawyers of have been keeping up with all pandemic issues, and international law amendments in order to provide the clients with the best service.

Conclusion is a great assistant on one’s way to EU citizenship, as it is famous for its professional team of well experienced lawyers. Over the years, the company has successfully helped hundreds of people with obtaining Romanian, Slovenian or Bulgarian citizenship. The applicants can easily rely on Legal EU Counsel in managing their EU passport immigration procedure, and the customers’ personal experience emphasize the company’s efficient service.

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