Plants that are Perfect for Gifting on Christmas


Plants that are Perfect for Gifting on Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and you are obviously busy selecting gifts to send to your near and dear ones. While there are so many options of fancy gift boxes and hampers out there, you might want to do something unconventional instead. This holiday season choose a gift that perpetuates the idea of a green Christmas. Yes, we are talking about gifting some beautiful plants here. Christmas plants are environment friendly and they help in purifying the air while also bringing in a dash of Christmas cheer to wherever they are placed. Along with that, you can cherish a plant for a long time to come, unlike any other gift, even flowers.

Why Plants are the Ideal Choices for Christmas Gifts?

Gifting is a way of sending good wishes and showing that you care. Plants can be the best way to express of your feelings. Plants are great gifts for the elderly. With a bit of care, a plant can greatly improve the air quality in a home, thereby, proving to be of significant benefit to everyone in the family. Plants are equally loved by kids too. A pretty houseplant that is non-toxic can be placed anywhere, even in the bedroom. The sight of it can cheer up your kids every morning in a way one would hardly expect. Plants freshen up the air around all the time while teaching the kids a thing or two about caring for another living thing. It is a great way to encourage kids to become more responsible.

Best Christmas Plants for Gifting Purposes

While there are quite a few plants that can be gifted on Christmas, following are the two most suitable and prominent varieties out there.


Poinsettias are extremely elegant plants that you can consider sending to aunts, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, and teachers. Anyone, who you think would love a mix of formality and warmth mixed in the gifts they receive, will love a beautiful plant. An interesting thing about this plant is that it is stunning and has been a part of most traditional Christmas photos.

Poinsettias are basically tropical specimens, originating in Mexico. The plants do not like cold and hence, one must keep them warm and protected for them to stay green and healthy for long. A Poinsettia, when placed in a corner of your home, will easily thrive in the average day temperatures but would prefer cooler nights. That is why; they should be placed away from the cooler draughts or windows. Since they are considered a bit toxic, they should be kept away from children, as the bright colours are often too tempting for young children to resist.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is a popular variety of Christmas flowers and plants suitable for gifting purposes. Not only do these frilly blooms go well with the essence and spirit of Christmas but are also easy to maintain. While the flower delivery service providers can provide you with a ready bloom, growing one by yourself is also a fun and enjoyable option.

The process should start about six weeks before Christmas. You need to place the cactus in a dark place like a closet or so for 13 hours a day under cool temperatures, about 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Amidst complete darkness, the buds form on the tip of the stalks. Once this happens, you can take the plant to a well-lit location and let the plant bloom within a few days. Present these to a loved one and brighten their days with a precious reminder of your love and good wishes.

You can easily find these afore-mentioned plants online that are ready for ordering. You can purchase any one online and opt for Christmas Flowers to India, delivery to make sure that your plants or flowers reaches your loved ones right at their doorstep. So, go ahead and amaze your friends and family with beautiful flowers of happiness.

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