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Prom Makeup
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Prom season is always an exciting time for teenage girls especially, the hunt for the perfect look. Everybody knows that prom is all about the dress, but you will need to complete the look with the right hair and makeup. This can be overwhelming if dressing up for parties is a new thing for you. Fear not though. We have come up with some inspired ideas to help you coordinate your hair, makeup and prom dress for a dashing look.

Gradient Ombre dress – Smokey eyes sparkle makeup

If you are looking for a cross between formal and official, a gradient ombre dress is a right fit for you. Ombre dresses are known for their colors that blend seamlessly to create a unique gradient effect.  

These dresses go well with a combination of Smokey eyes and glitter for a sparkly finish. For your Smokey eyes, blend the colors to suit the shape of your eyes, and you will have everyone at your prom staring, mesmerized.   

Floral dress – Dark berry lips 

Floral dresses are undeniably pretty. If you like long prom dresses, florals will give you versatility. 

Complement the light tone of the floral print of your dress with a darker shade of lipstick. The purplish-red color of the dark berry lipstick is perfect for the job. It creates a sharp, bold and dark look that contrasts perfectly with your dress. Balance your face with a lighter tone of eyeliner and mascara.  

Applying dark lipstick can be somewhat tricky. Line your lips to prevent creating a mess and apply a similar tone of lip liner. Make sure that none gets to your teeth and stands in the way of your gorgeous smile.       

Black dress – Red bold lip + Neutral eye makeup 

Most girls prefer wearing bright and shiny princess dresses to their prom, and this is understandable since it is a night of joy and partying. This does not mean that you have to compromise your look if you are into darker shades. Stand out from the crowd with a figure-flattering black dress. You could choose a knee-length mini or a mermaid long prom dress.     

To complete the look, add some shine to your look with bold red lips. Matte red lipstick creates a classic look that is both alluring and elegant. To keep your red lips in the limelight, go with neutral tones for eye makeup and apply a few coats of mascara.

Soft pastel dress – Pretty Barbie makeup 

Every teenage girl wants to be a princess and prom provides the perfect opportunity to live out your fantasy. If you dream it, you can be it. If this is your vibe, a bubbly and iridescent appearance is the perfect look for you. Start by hunting for a soft pastel prom dress. Soft pastel prom dresses come in a wide selection of designs and colors all designed to bring out a fairytale princess look. 

Complete your look with a Barbie makeup look. This involves contrasting sharp Smokey eyes with glossy blush lipstick. For the Smokey eye look, touch up your lower eyelid with a glimpse of shimmer and top it up with mascara and dark eyelashes.     

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