Protecting Your Home and the Items In It


Protecting Your Home
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Moving into your own home is an exciting time for everyone. Having your own space with all the comforts that make a home a home is something that cannot be duplicated. Having air condition, a furnace, a range, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator is a must for home buyers. Most homes come with all these conveniences to help keep your family happy and healthy. If one of these conveniences break, repairs or replacements could be expensive and take time. Home insurance covers all the important aspects of the home from things like fire and theft, but it usually does not cover these important comforts that make you want to spend time at home. Therefore, it is important to have a home warranty. A TotalProtect Home Warranty covers the items that insurance does not and helps to make sure your home stays the place you want to be.

Homes Come in Many Sizes

Home is a place to enjoy and socialize with the people who are closest to you. In some parts of the world, it is a tradition for large families to live together. For example, in some cultures of India, it is still customary for families to marry and move into the family home. Some of these homes are large homes with many rooms to accommodate everyone and other homes are built more like townhouses sitting next to each other but still have common areas for socialization. This gives the family a chance to cook together and share family meals that allow children to grow up as n integrated member of something larger and important. It instills family values and always leaves you with the feeling that there is someone you can turn to in a difficult to time.

If something goes wrong in big family households it can make life hard for many. If the range goes out, it will hinder the ability of the family to eat. Eating out for a large family can be expensive and difficult to plan. Also, air conditioning is a major issue for any family in warm weather. Lack of air conditioning can become a health problem for the elderly or chronically ill. These are some prime example of when a home warranty would be useful.

In contrast, a small family or single family may not have as many mouths to feed or as much laundry to do but in today’s society, time and money is a factor when anything goes wrong in your home. Many people work more than one job just to pay for the necessities. So, if something breaks down, inconveniences like going out to eat or to the laundromat can be overwhelming. This makes buying the right home and providing the right protection a must.

Warranties and Other Ways to Protect Your Home

Buying and comparing the level of warranty coverage you need is just one of many ways that you can protect your home from unexpected extra costs and inconveniences. Here are five other ways that you can make sure your appliances and mechanical equipment stays in good condition and lessen the chance of needing repairing or replaced.

  1. Check the filters on your indoor air unit. Heat pump systems need the filters to change at least one time per month. If this is not completed, it can affect the performance of the unit and the other components of the unit.
  2. Clean your dryer vent and lint holder. If the dryer vent gets clogged, not only will it affect the dryer’s ability to work properly but it can be a fire hazard. Make sure this is completed regularly and that you clean the inner lent catcher after every use.
  3. Clean your refrigerator coils and check your door seals. The coils will collect dust and debris that can cause your appliance to wear out quicker or cause other problems. Door seals are important for correct temperature management in your refrigerator.
  4. Unclog and clean the drain in your dishwasher routinely to keep it working in peak condition. You may want to clean other inside parts too.
  5. Cleaning your range with the safe self-cleaning option will help to regulate the temperature in your range so that it keeps working properly.


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