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With the summer heat increasing daily, it is understandable that you would want to make a cool drink to beat the heat. Summer cocktails traditionally utilize a wide palette of fruity flavors as well as vanilla and chocolate. These drinks, obviously, are best served cold or frozen. Use delicious syrups such as those from Monin Canada. These add a punch of concentrated flavour to elevate drinks to the next level. This article will provide a rundown of different, refreshing summer drinks for you to enjoy this summer. In addition, some ideas about throwing a terrific summer party will also be provided, as what is a summer cocktail without a fun gathering to enjoy it?

The Bishop is a classic summer cocktail that doubles as a great way to use leftover red wine. To make this drink, mix three cups of light rum, a half cup of lime juice, a tablespoon of simple syrup, and three cups of leftover red wine. Mixing wine and rum might seem weird to some but it can be a great combination. After mixing well, serve this drink with a lime garnish and over plenty of ice. For a classy touch, consider adding some pomegranate syrup over the top of the beverage.

Another refreshing drink for summer is sangria. Sangria does not have a set recipe, just a set process, as it can be made in a variety of ways. To make sangria, wash and chop your choice of fruit or fruits, and pour into the bottom of a pitcher. Muddle thoroughly. Following this, pour some fruit flavored syrup over the fruit and then add sparkling wine or plain white wine. The choice is yours and one of personal preference.

A summer fizz is a fun and spirited drink with a cool twist. This drink combines light rum, ginger syrup, peach puree, and lemon juice, poured over a generous portion of ice. A whipped egg white mixed with simple syrup tops this beverage, along with a ginger and lemon garnish. To prevent illness from raw egg white, don’t forget to use pasteurized egg whites from a carton. There are a ton of sources online with heaps of cocktail recipes available online.

To go along with these awesome beverages, you can throw a summer party. A classic summer staple is the campfire s’more. For a great night-time summer soiree, consider making a s’mores bar. With a live fire or torches, lay out a spread of s’mores fixings, such as graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. You can also get creative and add additional toppings, like peanut butter cups, chocolate sandwich cookies, or even flavored marshmallows.

A great décor idea for a summer party is twinkle lights or fairy lights. These can be wrapped around patio furniture, awnings, or trees. If you get the lights with a battery pack, there is no need for auxiliary power. Additionally, consider lowering your table and having guests sit on pillows or mattress pads on the ground. This creates a rustic feel for the party, plus it requires less furniture. Make sure that the set up can accommodate everyone who may have issues sitting for long periods of time and make sure that the ground is adequately padded for comfort.

If you are lacking a tablecloth, or you don’t want your nice tablecloth to get dirty, use a roll of plain brown paper. In addition to adding a summery look, you can paint on names, thus eliminating the need for place cards. Additionally, you can paint fun designs or place settings on this faux tablecloth. Once your party is over, this tablecloth can go right into the recycling bin – no need to go to the dry cleaners. Consider adding some flowers to the table as well, to complete the summery look.

Three delicious cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to a summer party. The Bishop, sangria, and the summer fizz are all deliciously refreshing drinks to prepare in the warmer months. They have a lower alcohol content and are more hydrating than heavier drinks. These drinks are made special with syrups and purees made by Monin Canada. Finally, these drinks all are awesome options to serve at a summer party. Whether it be a s’mores bar or a moodily-lit backyard, there is a party idea and drink for everyone.

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