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Reset-logoPress RESET for World Environment Day

We are thrilled to inform you that we have partnered with RESET is an international information portal and platform for environmental protection and humanitarian action. For the upcoming World Environment Day,, Green Commandos, and The Alternative are inviting people to take action to actively address one environmental problem that concerns us in our day-to-day lives – and we’re inviting you to submit a photo of yourself doing the same and join our online campaign!

Reset-My problem, My promise

They are putting together a gallery of images which will be hosted on the website and displayed on the Facebook event page based on a theme of ‘My problem, My promise’. On two placards we would like you to write down one environmentally relevant problem you face titled ‘My Problem’, and a solution you can see through to address that problem; ‘My Promise’. We want you to take a picture of yourself holding these and post it to Facebook!

Sustainability starts now. RESET is an information portal and platform for environmental protection and humanitarian action.

Get informed, take action.

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