Stay Hydrated in Summer with 5 Delicious Water Recipes


There are many benefits of drinking pure water. We’ve often been told that we should be following the ‘8X8’ rule for a healthy life, which advises us to drink 8 glasses of water of 8 times  a day.  As vital it is to have your body hydrated, the necessity of it becomes further crucial during summertime. Need I say our body is made of 60% of water fluid and to maintain the proper functioning of the body the water level should be at par. Summertime brings heat and humidity which causes you to sweat that leads to dehydration, ailments like diarrhea, vomiting or upset stomach, and sweating becomes excessive during the summers even on the smallest of movements.


Meanwhile, benefits of pure drinking water also include effective and healthy organs. Water helps to transfer nutrients to veins and uphold circulation, it eliminates the bacteria and toxins from your body. Dehydration can result in fatigue, dull and tired-looking face, breakout on the face, headache, and nausea.

Below are some top benefits of drinking ample water & why you should always have a water-bottle by your side.

Improves Endurance

When you are exhausted and your stamina hits low, the only savior you could think of is WATER. Every sip of it restores the energy back in you. When our body is evolved in a physical labor it sheds more water through sweat as is required by the body to use up more water. Taking continuous sips of water while exercising improves endurance, maintains body temperature and puts fatigue at bay, it also helps to transfer oxygen to the brain.

Boosting Concentration and Mood

I’m sure we’ll remember the age-old tip of heartily drinking water during exam-time. Dehydration in the body can affect your concentration power adversely. It is a proven fact that the ones who drink water on a regular interval can perform a task efficiently without growing exhausted by it. Dehydration can trigger headaches. One major benefit of drinking pure water is that it helps you uplift your mood, as studies show water dehydration leads to dizziness, sluggishness, angsty mood because of loss of proper blood flow in the brain. So, whenever you feel your temper rising, sip some water.

Dry Mouth

Dehydration of water leads to dry throat and tongue. Water fluids keep your mouth moist. Deprivation of water may lead to bad breath, stuttering, ticklish feeling in throat, sour taste. Having water by your side can be very resourceful.


There are recipes available for water detoxification, people nowadays resort to once a week detoxification of body where they only drink fruit infused water.  Water helps kidney to function well and filter out waste. Water deprivation can also cause difficulty in bowel movement.

Skincare and Weight-loss

Dehydration of water can be seen on the face. A dehydrated face looks dull and exhausted, dark circles with breakouts. You may have heard many celebs giving the advice to drink water often. Water revives and rejuvenates your face.  Water helps immensely in the circulation of blood that results in glow on face. Water can also be your partner in weight loss journey.  Water can eradicate the bored-eating or binge-eating, drinking water before a meal can fill the stomach and prevent over-eating.

Tips for Making Delicious Water at Home

Now, there must be a few of you who aren’t habitual to the ‘8 by 8’ rule, there are ways to trick your brain to drink more water and increase water supply. There’s no better way to be healthy than to consume more water but wouldn’t that be a bit tedious?

It’s easy to make delicious water for your drinking purpose but always remember to use only filtered water. This is why I recommend installing the best water purifier at home.

Here’s how you can make your water more delicious that’d entice you to drink more.

 Fruit infused


You may have seen this recipe going around last summer, this recipe isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is the most ingenious way to make your water taste better with added nutrients. Just chop off fruits like – melons, watermelons, kiwi, any berries, cherry and add ‘em to your water. the nutrients from the fruit would be infused in the water. this will make the water taste sweet without having to add any sweetener. You can eat the fruits when done, a nutritious blend of h2o.

Ice cubes


There few people who don’t like the idea of fruits swirling in their water bottle much, they can go for ice cubes.  Simply blend out the fruit of your choice, make sure the end result isn’t dense like a paste if it is then adding water would make the blended fruit more aqueous. pour it into a cube and let it freeze, then simply toss them cubes to your water bottle. It will not only make your water taste great but also enhance the nourishment and nutrients. A healthy choice. Why to restrict yourself to fruits, you can freeze coffee as well, these tiny cubes will make your water look fancy.



It is an easy and the most organic way. Herbs are relatively easy to find and cost cheap and on top of that they taste amazing. What’s better than adding them to your water. Herbs like mint and rosemary taste scrumptious. There are many benefits of pure drinking water as discussed above, adding such nutrient will only enhance the nourishment your body is getting.



A bit of a squash from a citrus fruit can do wonders, citric fruits are known for their magical properties that help in losing weight. We all are aware of the fact that citric fruits taste delicious. You can just add them to your water, citric fruits contain acid that helps in detoxifying the body. Example of citric fruits – grapefruits, orange, lemon etc.


There’s another way to spice up your drink without adding sugar to it. Add spice!

You can use cinnamon or maybe vanilla essence to make your water taste better. Remember to concentrate the spice by adding water and mixing it well. You can use any spice of your choice.

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