The Story of a Brave Puppy that Survived the Sea


Author – Yash B

Brave Puppy Luna
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For most land animals (including human beings) the sea is a dark world: formidable, vast, tyrannical and treacherous. It is always waiting to devour a prey by overpowering it with massive waves. This tale is therefore about a small but brave puppy, Luna, which almost became the sea’s prey to the horror of its owner Nick Haworth.

One fine day, Nick and his little companion sailed off the coast of San Diego, to enjoy some boating and fishing. They were enjoying a pleasant day on the sea and were 2 miles from the shore. Suddenly, while playing, the little puppy fell overboard.  Nick’s heart skipped a beat and his sense almost parted ways with him. He immediately reported the incident as he could not help her. But he also told the authorities that, equipped with strong swimming qualities, it was likely that his dog would head for San Clemente Island, the nearest land area that is owned by the US Navy Army.  The entire island, at that time, was inhabited by 300 military personals. The island does not have any permanent or regional residents.

However, swimming 2 miles would be a humongous task for the tender puppy, no matter how well it could swim. Possible fear and anxiety would have obvious psychological effects that will limit its swimming and motor skills. It was the greatest nightmare, dwarfed only by one other possibility: lurking sea creatures lured by the “live treat”.

When almost 4 weeks passed, everyone started to doubt if they will see the puppy again. Nick was feeling guilty for his “involuntary” role in drowning his lovely puppy. Everybody was still holding out some hope even while the possible results were obvious. After 5 weeks passed, their hopes started fading too. Nick was about to surrender to bitter reality when, all of a sudden, Luna was spotted on an island in one piece, breathing and conscious!

A fact that majorly helped the military personnel recognize the puppy’s identity was that the island was uninhabited by local residents and no domesticated animals were there. Spotting a puppy on the roadside, wagging its tail like a pet didn’t take too much brain flex to understand that it is, indeed, the lost puppy Luna.

They literally chauffeured the puppy respectfully to its rightful place. We don’t know whether the puppy forgot to stop wagging its tail for several weeks. Or if Nick literally swam in a “sea of tears” or was seized by “uncontrollable laughter”, but the reunion of pet and its owner would have been truly legendary!

Seems too good to be true?

But it is, indeed! Check the facts online!

Owner:   Nick Haworth

Pet’s Name: Luna

Pet’s Breed: German Shepherd

Age of the dog at the time of the incident: 1.5 Years

Fell overboard on: Feb. 10 2016

Stranded: 5 weeks

Where was she spotted: San Clemente Island, 70 miles off San Diego

Who spotted her: Luna Naval Auxiliary Landing Field

Have you ever saved the life of a stranded pet (or wild animal)? If yes, why not share your story and inspire others? I was certainly inspired by this story when I came across it.

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