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Car ownership comes with its liabilities. The maintenance costs gradually go up, the EMIs loom large, the car’s value gradually depreciates, and the initial down payment would have taken quite a chunk of the finances. The perks of owning a car are well known. They are 24/7 mobility, freedom to explore, the most comfortable daily commute, privacy, and very importantly, security. So what if the perks of owning a car can be enjoyed without the liabilities. That may sound too good to be true but the solution is out there – subscribe a car. Now driving around in a car has become a simplified, ‘no-commitment’ process and there is more.

No Down Payment – Own a Car

ZAP’s adds more customer-friendly twists to a basic car leasing for a monthly rental fee. The biggest sigh of relief for car subscribers is that there is no down-payment. Imagine keeping what can amount to lakhs of rupees in the bank rather than handing it over to the car company. This allows more financial freedom to invest in better things – a mutual fund or some savings schemes maybe? What about maintenance? ZAP subscribers enjoy free servicing of their vehicles. That is another chunk of money saved. Insurance and most other paperwork related fees are also taken care of.

More Perks in Store

The short time frames are perfect for people who need flexibility. What if you need to change jobs and move to another city? What if you want to back out of the subscription service for some reason or the other? Subscription periods are for six months, one year, and two years. This is a perfect arrangement for those who look for the convenience of a car without having to make a major commitment.

One more advantage of this is that subscribers can get access to new cars faster. Car buyers have to watch their latest model become outdated over a period of time but ZAP subscribers can move on to the latest models as often as every six months.

Another special perk that ZAP subscribers enjoy is access to a 24/7 on-road support system. This adds a layer of security for long trips especially – a benefit even regular car owners cannot brag about.

List on Zoomcar – Earn Money

The no-down-payment and free servicing model is already a game changer. Add to it the fact that subscribers can earn more money with ZAP. How? Cars are not driven all the time. There are days when they sit parked. Because ZAP is part of the nationwide Zoomcar network, subscribers can rent out their vehicles on the app and get paid for it. One can save up to 70% of the rental fees by using this option and no direct interaction with Zoomcar customers is required.

ZAP’s inventive twist on car ownership helps individuals and families find manage their financial management better and spend money on other things they like. It can be one of the best decisions those looking for a lifestyle upgrade can make – a perfect example of the shared economy.

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