Surprising Reasons Why You No Longer Be Enjoying Sex



Sex is a very noble thing and it’s always sad that some couples are unable to enjoy it. There are a number of reasons that may be responsible for the lack of enjoyment in sex and if it is not medical related, then it is imperative that as a couple, you look around and try to find solutions as to why you no longer enjoy sex. Sometimes may have the right bedroom fitted with the right mattress including accessories such as a mattress topper and nice pillows to try and spice up things in the bedroom, but still, it doesn’t work. You should not give up if this is the case because a number of reasons may be responsible just as it has been already mentioned. In this article, we will look at some of the surprising reasons that could be responsible for the lack of great sex in your life. If you investigate and find them to be the case, it is imperative that you change them immediately so that you can regain the spark you once had when you started having sex with your partner.

You are always tired



When you realize that you’re becoming too tired to enjoy sex, then you know that you’re headed for some very serious problems in the future. The current demands of the modern lifestyle drain the energy out of people. You wake up every morning and the only thing you think about is work and how to go and please your bosses. When you come back in the evening, you’re too tired to do anything after fixing a meal. This is when you get to bed and all you want to think about is just sleep and not take care of the needs of your partner. As such, if you don’t put a control on how much time you set aside for sex because you are always tired, your sex life will take a hit and sometimes it may be very difficult to recover. Therefore, be careful to not be too tired for your partner. 

Low in Estrogen



Estrogen is to the lady what testosterone is to the man. It is a vital sex hormone whose levels must be adequate for women to enjoy sex. If the levels of this vital hormone are down for ladies, then their desire to have sex will also go down. Many reasons may be responsible for the low levels of estrogen in ladies and it is imperative that you check with a doctor to see if it is true that the level of estrogen is down and also to try and figure out why this is so. If it is not due to any medical issues, then you must work hard to try and raise the levels of this vital hormone. This may mean changing your lifestyle including dropping some foods and starting to eat certain foods. It may be difficult, but it will be worth the struggle as far as having a vibrant sex life with your partner is concerned. 

You are Stuck to the Same Routine


Another reason that may be responsible for your lack of sexual enjoyment is if you are stuck to the same routine. If you normally do the same things every now and then in the bedroom with your partner, then with the time, things will become boring and you will no longer find pleasure in doing the things that you once found pleasure in doing. This is why sometimes it’s recommended that you become a little bit of creativity in the bedroom and try different things as you shall feel comfortable with your partner. Sometimes, changing where you have sex may be all the difference. For example, if you are used to having sex in the bedroom all the time, you may try having it in the kitchen or in a sitting room once in a while. This may make you realize certain things you’ve never known about your sex life and will help you improve as a move forward. 

The medications you are taking may be spoiling for you

There are certain types of medications that are known to interfere with the sex drive for both men and women. Medication such as birth control pills, medications for heart conditions, depression, and anxiety, may sometimes have a toll on the quality of your sex. If you notice that your sex activity has gone down since you started taking any kind of medication, it is imperative that you visit the doctor and discuss the problem with them so that they can recommend alternatives or see how they can get help you as far as a sex drive is concerned. It sometimes disheartening that you’re treating one condition with those medications only for you to create another condition that will require further medication. This is a cycle you don’t want to get into and you must be very careful with the medication you take. 

You are Drinking Too Much



The relationship between alcohol and sex is a very funny one. On one hand, alcohol may help you get into the mood for sex. On the other hand, alcohol may also inhibit your ability to have quality sex. To begin with, having sex while intoxicated will not help in any way because you will not be in a position to give your partner your very best. Secondly, taking alcohol may impair your judgment and you may not make sound decisions when it is time for sex. For example, if you tried out with a new partner, you may forget about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases which you need to avoid by using protection. Most people have made awful decisions sexually because they were drunk. Therefore, one other way of improving the quality of your sex and just ensuring that you always play it safe is to avoid alcohol when you anticipate a sexual encounter. For men, you’d also be aware that alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction and this is one condition you don’t want to be dealing with.

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