Why Do Couples Opt for C-section Over Normal Delivery?


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This might come as a surprise for our previous generation who are used to normal delivery and C-section was only done in case of emergency. But as people evolved, medical technologies also evolved. 20 years back people who had c-section gained weight immediately after delivery and women used to feel weak for few days before they can become normal. The body takes a toll when there is a surgery performed and a cesarean is always going to be heavy on our body and there is no denial. Women who underwent c-section also complained of facing obesity and diabetes problems compared to the ones who underwent normal delivery.  But medical science does not support this claim. At one of the best pregnancy hospital for normal delivery in Chennai, the doctors say that there is no medical proof for c-section affecting the health of women. Another pain of c-section is that it goes heavy on the pockets. The cost of c-section is at least 4 times the prices of normal delivery. Given so many drawbacks of c-section, why do more and more people opt for this? The reasons are:

  • C-section is hassle-free and the woman does not feel, unlike normal delivery.
  • Evolution has taken an effect on the physical health of women. Women are no longer than they used to be in our previous generation. Adulteration of food to impure drinking water combined with the heavy amount of stress at workplace. Women face a lot of struggle to manage their career and life. So typically managing work-life balance is very difficult for women compared to women.
  • The ability to handle so much of pain has considerably reduced in females and most of them faint during labor and thus causing complications.
  • People feel that normal delivery could be risky where c-section is a hassle-free process. This also reduced their fear of labor.
  • Obesity is another reason. Most of the women gain weight during pregnancy and it becomes very difficult for an obstetrician to perform the normal delivery.

Most of the hospitals have EMI offers for c-section delivery thus making it affordable for all of them. When my sister visited one of the best gynecologists in Chennai in her 3rd trimester, she told her very clearly after the scan that the chances of c-section are higher than normal delivery. As a family, we were also prepared for it and this gave her more confidence during the delivery.

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