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Author – Neha Gupta

Paintings are inseparable from Indian culture and heritage. Researched art work has become the strong Indian identity since artists represent India at the global platform. This is the reason why India is considered as a major cultural hub in the world. Indian painters have tried their hand on a wide spectrum of art genres. Evidently, their creativity is hugely praised by art collectors or the so called ‘art connoisseurs’. Indian painters are really creative and they can portray different situations while blending their imaginations.

Online art gallery is the latest trend and the right place to explore different genres of fine arts. There are many online art galleries which offer beautiful painting collections of famous Indian painters that are enriched with different appealing concepts and vivid imaginations that these make the paintings really desirable for art collectors. Further many art exhibitions and festivals are organised regularly to bring together the best painters and art buyers.

Art lovers who are fond of different genres of art must know that a good painting is the end result of various unique concepts. So, an artist’s concept is considered the main theme behind an awarded painting of unique creativity. If you are thinking how to make your painting more appealing, then you must concentrate on your ideas before you begin the hard work. Brainstorm is required to present the best creative work in terms of look, colour combination and scenic beauty.

Here is a list of popular and prominent genres in contemporary Indian art:

Contemporary Art

Prakash Bhende-Achievement

Contemporary art is also considered as post-modern art. Both the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ denote the same meaning, but contemporary art portrays a periodic concept to the painting. Art collectors across the world take interest in contemporary art. This art form is relevant because it portrays the present day’s scenario and the current situation. This particular artgenre deals with innovative concepts and these paintings are best for decorating dining halls and drawing rooms.

Figurative Paintings

Prithvi Soni-Shringar Radha
Prithvi Soni-Shringar Radha

A painting that portrays a human body is known as ‘figurative art’. There is a misconception that a figurative art is all about showcasing a woman’s body and sensual curves. Although it is partially true, these days artists have begun concentrating on male figures and exploring human bodies of different regions. These paintings have unique concepts and these are connected to different situations to form a story.

Landscape Paintings

Source V-IMAgine-L

Artists often try to explore nature that has blessed us with beautiful locations and landscapes. They take initiative to draw these locations on canvas. They profoundly take the opportunity to draw different locations with utmost accuracy in blending the scenery with their vivid imaginations. Painters typically focus on hill stations, sea beaches, river banks, wild life, desserts and snow-clad mountains. With the strokes of their paint brush, they deliver the best possible creativity on canvas.


Source –

There are art collectors who love to purchase art in black and white. They love the grey connection among several things. Pencil sketches are mainly utilised for creating portraits, while Charcoal is used for drawing different scenarios. Charcoal drawing is a well-recognised medium that shows wider variations in gray gradients and lighting techniques. Many people wonder how these images are made to look so cool with just a piece of charcoal!

Still Life Paintings

Amit-kapoor – Source

We live around both living and non-living things. In still life paintings, non-living things become the subject matter. Artists use fruits, flower vases, cups and saucers and other various non-living things. Water colours are used for this type of painting and painters try to use various colour shades to create these paintings. Such still life paintings mainly attract art lovers who want to display them in their restaurants and dining rooms.

Abstract Art

Untitled by Bahuleyan CB (Image Courtesy: CIMA Gallery Pvt.Ltd)

There is a thin line in between a modern art or an abstract art painting. Modern Indian paintings generally deal with everyday events and current situations. On the other hand, an abstract painting deals with very sensitive topics with deeper meaning that need better treatment. Both these genres are highly appreciated by the Indian art collectors.

In the early days, Indian art was mainly sought by older customers who were mature enough to understand their deeper concepts. Today, Indian art is finding a new crop of buyers — younger, more involved and well-heeled. To cater to this yuppie art buyers, there is a growing trend of online art galleries that present different genres of paintings which are been offered at affordable prices. The different types of paintings shed the monotony of life and bring the positivity at its best.
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