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Digital photography has revolutionized how we document and communicate human memories. Although they have overcome in many ways, with the worldwide web playing a big role, but can digital photos replace paper ones? This is like the age old debate between kindle and traditional paper books. But even the most devout kindle supporters agree that despite all its merits, it can’t mimic the feel and experience of a real book. That is how it is with physical photographs and if getting your favourite photos ever seemed to be too much of a hassle; you might be tempted to try on of the photo printing apps that are available in India. The Photojaanic app is definitely one to try.


The app, which is only available for android devices, is well laid out with four sections. The “create section” is where you build your print order. Starting from there, I was surprised how little time it took for me to open the app, get the print job ready, and place the order. You can get all this done in less than five minutes, Or if you believe The Photojaanic marketing folks, in less than a minute.

You can obviously choose pictures from your smartphone’s gallery, but what makes the app more useful, and probably more appealing for the shutter happy generation, is the option to import pictures from your Instagram or Facebook gallery. Personally, I find the option for Google Photos import more useful as the higher quality images there will ensure that the prints have a good amount of detail.

In the create section, you get the options to choose the kind of print you want. This is pretty easy and straightforward. You can get square prints, polaroids, and framed wall prints. If you want a photobook, you can get one with a personalised cover, or if you prefer a professional design, you can choose the “designer cover’ option. The photobooks start at 399 rupees for 30 pages, which is pretty hefty a size for the price.


The worst part of the experience is probably the wait, it takes around four days for the prints to reach you. But we’ve all become somewhat accustomed to that thanks to the e-commerce boom. But the wait is kind of reimbursed when you feel the crisp polaroids of your memories in your hands.


The prints I ordered were pretty sharp and the colours vivid. It was also because I used high quality images, which I knew were good for printing. Mobile phone screens make it hard to decide what is high quality and what is not. So, I suggest you look at the pictures on a larger display, like a tablet, television, or a computer monitor, before ordering the prints.

The printing however doesn’t have to be limited to photographs. If you’re an artist working digitally, you may like to see or distribute your work in print. In other cases, you may want to get prints for a particular poster for your wall. The uses can be many.

Why not the website



The Photojaanic website offers much more options in every category. You can get your photos printed in Kodak Photobooks, on stationery, calendars, and pretty much every gift item. The website also gives you access to a Pro plan, which gives you the option to use custom album designs, using different paper finishes, among other things. This is useful if you’re a professional photographer. It is easy to get lost in the horde of options that the website provides, especially, if you don’t have a clear image of what you want.

If you know what you want, dimensions and all, and prefer using a computer, you should use the website. For all others like me, who want to get good prints, easy and fast, the Photojaanic app serves them right on purpose.

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